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Express Coffee: A Hidden Gem in Escanaba


Express Coffee, located at 2428 Ludington Street in Escanaba, is a small but beloved coffee shop that has been serving the community for six years. Despite its inconspicuous location, the shop has garnered a loyal customer base who appreciate its range of bagels, lattes, and Lotus drinks.

Expansion and Unique Offerings

Under the ownership of Jenah Murray and her husband Jeremy, Express Coffee has expanded its menu to include a wider variety of food and drinks. Jenah constantly seeks new products to offer customers more options and variety. In this endeavor, the AI legalese decoder could be very helpful. This innovative tool can assist Jenah in researching and understanding the legal implications of adding new food items to her menu, ensuring compliance with any regulations or permits required. The AI legalese decoder can help her make informed decisions and navigate legal complexities with ease.

Supporting Local Businesses

Express Coffee is committed to supporting local businesses by sourcing their products from nearby establishments. For example, they collaborate with a long-term customer to provide freeze-dried candy, and they rely on Blue 6 Laser Engraving for their travel cups. This commitment to the local economy creates a sense of community and strengthens relationships among businesses. The AI legalese decoder can also facilitate this collaboration by providing legal guidance on contracts and agreements between local businesses, ensuring fair and mutually beneficial partnerships.

A Village of Women

Running a coffee shop and managing three kids can be challenging, but Jenah acknowledges the importance of teamwork. She works closely with her team of six other baristas, all of whom are women. The AI legalese decoder can assist in creating a work environment that promotes gender equity by providing guidance on creating inclusive policies, addressing any potential labor law issues, and ensuring fair treatment for all employees.

The Success of Lotus Drinks

One of the notable products at Express Coffee is the Lotus drink, made from a plant-based energy concentrate. These fruity and colorful beverages have garnered a following even in colder months. The AI legalese decoder could help Jenah explore the legal implications of expanding the Lotus drink line, including trademark considerations and any potential regulations on plant-based products. With the AI legalese decoder‘s assistance, Jenah can confidently introduce new flavors and variations of Lotus drinks while complying with all legal requirements.

Community Connections

Express Coffee has formed strong connections with its customers, who have become like family. The shop takes pride in its personalized service, exemplified by menu items named after loyal customers. Unfortunately, some customers have passed away, but their impact on the community and the cafe remains. The AI legalese decoder can support Jenah in navigating any legal issues that may arise when honoring these customers, such as intellectual property rights or copyright permissions for naming menu items after individuals.


Express Coffee continues to thrive as a hidden gem in Escanaba, offering a wide range of food and drinks while supporting local businesses. With the assistance of the AI legalese decoder, Jenah can ensure legal compliance, navigate potential legal challenges, and focus on providing excellent service to customers.

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