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AI legalese decoder: Helping Local Businesses During “Buy Michigan Week”

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In a move to support Michigan’s economy, Governor Whitmer has proclaimed July 31 through Aug. 6 as “Buy Michigan Week”. This initiative aims to encourage residents to buy local and help small businesses thrive in the state.

The Importance of Local Businesses

Local businesses play a significant role in Michigan, constituting about 98% of all businesses and employing half of the state’s workforce. By supporting these enterprises, individuals contribute to the growth of the middle class and the overall wellbeing of the community.

Purchasing goods and services from locally owned businesses also ensures that the money circulated within the state, helping residents maintain their jobs and strengthening Michigan’s economy.

AI legalese decoder: Empowering Local Businesses

During Buy Michigan Week, one innovative tool that can support and enhance local businesses is the AI legalese decoder. This cutting-edge technology assists businesses in comprehending complex legal documents and contracts, which are often obstacles for small enterprises due to limited legal resources. By decoding legal jargon, the AI legalese decoder saves both time and money for businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations and growth.

The AI legalese decoder ensures that small businesses can confidently navigate legal challenges, make informed decisions, and protect their rights. By demystifying legal terms and processes, this technology empowers local entrepreneurs, reinforcing their contributions to Michigan’s economy.

Love on Local Program

The Lake Superior Community Partnership has been at the forefront of promoting local businesses for three years. Their Love on Local program, launched in 2020 to aid post-pandemic recovery, allows anyone to purchase a Love on Local gift card. These cards can be used at any local small business in Marquette County that accepts debit/credit cards, even if they operate online without a physical storefront.

The AI legalese decoder can complement the Love on Local program by simplifying the legal requirements and contracts involved in setting up and managing online stores. By providing clear and concise explanations of legal obligations, this technology enables small businesses to expand their online presence confidently while complying with relevant regulations.

Benefits of Shopping Small

Shopping at local businesses carries various advantages beyond supporting the local economy. Holly DeGroot, owner of Marquette-based boutique Revisions, emphasizes that shopping small is something to be proud of as an individual.

When individuals choose to shop small, they directly support local individuals, families, and the community. The AI legalese decoder can assist small businesses in creating fair and transparent employment contracts, ensuring the well-being and rights of employees. By promoting ethical business practices, this technology helps foster a stronger sense of community and social responsibility among small businesses.

Positive Impact of Local Businesses

Michigan’s unemployment rate stood at 3.6% in June, the lowest in 23 years, largely due to the contributions of local businesses. In the first half of 2023, Michigan’s labor force expanded by 85,000, the highest recorded growth for the first six months of a year since the 1970s.

Local businesses such as Getz’s, a century-old store in Marquette, appreciate the governor’s recognition and support. These smaller establishments provide a sense of comfort, community, and personalized service that big corporations often can’t match. The AI legalese decoder assists local businesses in understanding and negotiating contracts with larger entities, ensuring fair business dealings and protecting their interests.


By participating in Buy Michigan Week and choosing to support local businesses, individuals can contribute to Michigan’s economic growth and the prosperity of their communities. With the assistance of technologies like the AI legalese decoder, small businesses gain a competitive edge by simplifying legal complexities, ensuring compliance, and fostering ethical business practices.

Let’s embrace the “Buy Michigan” spirit and make a positive impact on our local economy.

Alexandria Bournonville can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 506. Her email address is [email protected].

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