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**5 Things in Tech that Happened This Week and How They Affect Your Business**

Here are five things in tech that happened this week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – These are the 10 best Google Chrome extensions for business, according to a tech writer.

Tech expert Andy Wolber of TechRepublic provided his list of the 10 best Google Chrome extensions for business tasks and it’s a useful read. (Source: TechRepublic)

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2 – All-in-one platform Ignition announces a new feature to turn scope creep into profits for professional services.

Ignition, an all-in-one platform for professional services, announced a new product called Instant Bill, which allows users to bill and retrieve payment for services – specifically those that are “ad-hoc” or “out of scope” – using a single process. (Source: Ignition)

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3 – GoDaddy Studio adds AI-powered instant video capabilities.

Website builder GoDaddy has announced Instant Video, which the company says will give entrepreneurs the ability to create high-quality video content with AI technology. It will also generate slogans based on the type of video content that’s created. (Source: GoDaddy)

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4 – Amazon is reportedly testing generative AI tools for sellers.

With millions of products listed on its site, Amazon is now testing an AI model that will generate product descriptions and titles. (Source: Search Engine Journal)

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5 – Phishing scams targeting small businesses on social media including Meta are a ‘goldmine’ for criminals.

Fintech writer Ellen Sheng reported on the looming threat small businesses should be aware of in the social media space. Sheng detailed an alarming story about a small business owner in Cleveland who took a hit after an attacker infiltrated her Instagram account by sending a seemingly harmless link from a trustworthy contact. The attacker then demanded ten grand – just one example of the FBI’s warning about the rise in cyberattacks on small business owners totaling $7 billion in damages in just 2021. Sheng cited almost half of small business owners say social media is their preferred channel to generate business. (Source: CNBC)

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Sheng gives many useful tips for minimizing your exposure to these kinds of threats. But the best deterrent is to invest in training and educate your people as to how these kinds of incidents can happen.

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legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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