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Armed Robberies and Burglaries Plague Indianapolis Businesses During State Fair

The owner of Pawn Shop Pub in Indianapolis has expressed concern over the increased incidents of armed robberies and burglaries in his area during the Indiana State Fair. Located off East 54th Street and North Keystone Avenue, the corner of commerce is typically targeted as Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) North District officers are occupied with securing the fairgrounds, located two miles south.

Jennie Murray, who has been working in the vicinity for 29 years, agrees with the owner of Pawn Shop Pub that criminals are aware of the police’s attention being drawn to the fairgrounds during this time.

To illustrate the seriousness of the situation, Melissa Clawson of American Legion Post 34 provided examples of recent incidents in the strip mall. The Mississippi Belle restaurant, Indy Taco, and a laundromat were all victims of armed robberies. In addition, the pawn shop was subject to a seemingly professional burglary, resulting in the complete destruction of their office. The burglars even damaged the American Legion Post’s fence to gain access to the pawn shop.

According to Clawson, the common motive behind these crimes is money. The thieves targeted the pawn shop’s ATM, coin machines, and even managed to steal two guns. Concerned by these events, the Legion hosted a meeting with residents, neighborhood customers, and business owners to develop a community-based strategy to protect their properties from crime.

As a potential solution, Clawson suggested forming a business association and seeking guidance from the Broad Ripple Association. If the IMPD is unable to provide sufficient protection, Murray proposed that the community should consider hiring security personnel. The need for enhanced security measures is further highlighted by a resident who reported a recent burglary at his home, which resulted in the theft of a TV and cash.

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