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# Discussion on Diploma of Information Technology Programs

Hey everyone,

Just wondering what are their thoughts on both of these Diploma of Information Technology programs? Which one is better in terms of education quality and practicality for preparing myself for a job?

(I’m specifically looking at the Diploma of Information Technology programs offered by Upskilled and Tafe)


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  • Dumpling_senpai22

    I’d say it depends.

    I’m doing a cert 3 in information technology focusing on cyber security.
    – it’s fairly straight forward with the assessments and course material.
    – I’m happy that some of the material is both hands on and theory eg it asks you to think or do certain things that help towards the assessment and also has some third party material as well.
    – good support from teachers I find
    – there’s a forum and inbox used by both teachers and students (I’ve never used it)
    – assessments have the criteria on how you are marked
    – self paced learning
    – unskilled is good for real life scenarios eg role plays on how real life meetings would actually go, completing forms and creating feedback emails etc where a stage would based just on quizzes and exams

    – so I have 12 modules, I need to do 12 role plays as part of my assessment which is quite annoying. I feel it’s too many.
    – some of the asks in the assessments can be a little confusing so you might need to ask for clarification
    – marking can be slow of assessments
    – it’s self paced (mine is atleast)

  • captainblue01

    As someone currently completing a diploma of information technology at tafe QLD (I assume tafe NSW and tafe QLD are very similar) under fee free tafe, I would be very unhappy if I paid for this course.

    Upskilled looks to have better course material, although I am not sure which one is better recognised.

  • Crescent_green

    Having gone to Tafe myself for that & knowing someone else who went to upskilled first, their experience was really poor there at upskilled.


    While TAFE wasn’t perfect, I felt I got some good stuff out of it & it was free to boot then – would stongly recommend that. Happy to chat also if you’d like