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Lowe’s Stock Gains on Strong Profits, Despite Soft DIY Spending


Lowe’s, the home improvement retailer, saw its stock rise by as much as 3.5% on Tuesday following the release of their second-quarter earnings report. The company’s profits exceeded Wall Street expectations, primarily driven by growth in its professional contractor segment and online unit. This growth partially offset the impact of softness in DIY spending and falling lumber prices.

Earnings and Sales Performance

Lowe’s reported adjusted earnings per share of $4.56 for the second quarter, surpassing Wall Street’s forecast of $4.50. Despite a forecasted drop of 2.5%, same store sales only fell by 1.6%. However, revenues fell slightly short of estimates, totaling $24.96 billion compared to an expected $25.02 billion.

Consumer Sentiment and Spending

According to Lowe’s CEO, Marvin Ellison, consumer sentiment has improved slightly but remains below pre-pandemic levels. As a result, home improvement shoppers continue to be cautious with their spending, especially when it comes to big-ticket discretionary purchases. This cautious approach can be attributed to ongoing uncertainties related to the pandemic.

Gross Margin Improvement and Full-Year Guidance

During the quarter, Lowe’s was able to increase its gross margin to 33.7%, surpassing estimates of 33.2%. The company also reiterated its full-year guidance and expects to see continued growth from its professional contractor business segment. This performance has been praised by analysts at Jefferies, who highlighted Lowe’s margin improvements in a soft DIY environment.

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Milennial Customer Base and Market Potential

Smead Capital Management CEO, Cole Smead, believes that millennial customers will continue to serve as a significant market opportunity for Lowe’s and its competitor, Home Depot. Contrary to previously held beliefs, millennials have been buying houses, providing a substantial customer base for home improvement retailers like Lowe’s. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, further benefiting companies operating in the home improvement sector.

Positive Analyst Reception and Outlook

Citi analysts praised Lowe’s strong performance in the second quarter, stating that it was another clean print for the home improvement sector. They highlighted that the demand environment remains uncertain, but Lowe’s margin execution continues to be best in class. Furthermore, Home Depot, Lowe’s main competitor, reiterated its full-year sales outlook, expressing optimism about the second half of the year despite some remaining uncertainties.


Lowe’s impressive performance in the second quarter, surpassing profit expectations and demonstrating growth in key business segments, has led to a positive market response. Despite challenges such as soft DIY spending and falling lumber prices, Lowe’s has managed to navigate through these headwinds and maintain strong margins. With the support of AI legalese decoder, individuals can better understand legal complexities, facilitating smoother legal processes and decision-making. The company’s future growth prospects, especially with millennial customers, suggest a promising outlook for Lowe’s and the home improvement sector as a whole.

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