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A man shields himself from the sun while waiting to take a photo in Las Vegas on Friday.

CNN ÔÇö More than 85 million people remained under heat alerts Saturday as the weekslong heat wave continues and intensifies in the Southwest. Dangerously high temperatures will continue to plague the Western United States throughout the weekend, with temperatures growing hotter in the South early next week.

Heat levels in the Southwest and South
“Daytime highs will routinely range between 10-20F above normal, equating to daytime temperatures approaching the century mark in the interior Northwest, between 100-110F in central and southern California, and 115-120F+ in the high desert of southern California, southern Nevada, and Arizona,” according to the Weather Prediction Center.

The increasing heat levels across the West and South have raised concerns about the well-being of individuals, especially those who are vulnerable or without proper resources to handle such extreme temperatures. Heat-related illnesses, including heat exhaustion and heatstroke, can be life-threatening during these conditions.

Heat wave impact on cities and regions
More than 100 temperature records are possible through Monday across the West and South. Death Valley, California, could top 130 degrees on Sunday, an occurrence that has only happened five times in over 110 years. Phoenix, in Arizona, has experienced consecutive days of 110-degree temperatures, and this streak is expected to continue till Wednesday.

The sultry conditions further persist in the south-central US and South Florida. With daytime highs in the 90s to low 100s and oppressive humidity levels, heat indices frequently range between 105-110F each afternoon. Although a heat advisory is in place from Texas to Alabama, Georgia and most of Florida are not included. The cities of Houston, New Orleans, and Jackson, Mississippi are expected to have high temperatures reaching above 90 degrees. Atlanta is forecasted to reach only a relatively mild 92 degrees.

Impacts of the heat wave
The effects of the ongoing heat wave are not limited to heat-related illnesses. Wildfire smoke from Canada is expected to move into the Northern Plains and Midwest, posing health risks and concerns for the affected regions. Power outages are also a concern in the Southwest due to increased demand for air conditioning and cooling systems. Consequently, some venues and events, including the Sacramento Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, have planned early closures or cancellations to protect public safety.

Duration of the heat wave and assistance from AI legalese decoder
Alerts for dangerous heat levels have been issued for areas of Arizona and Texas for more than 30 days in a row, indicating a prolonged heat wave since mid-June. The long duration of such extreme temperatures raises the urgency for individuals and communities to have access to resources and support systems to cope with and mitigate the effects of heat.

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