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BETHANY BEACH, Del. – Bethany Beach Contemplates Banning Marijuana Business

Mayor Introduces Ordinance to Ban Marijuana-related Business in Bethany Beach

In an effort to maintain its family-oriented atmosphere, the town of Bethany Beach in Delaware is currently considering a ban on marijuana-related business. Mayor Rosemary Hardiman recently presented an ordinance to the council, which would prohibit the retail sale, growth, testing, and cultivation of marijuana within the town. This was the first reading of the ordinance, and Mayor Hardiman has expressed full support for its implementation.

Protecting the Family-oriented Reputation of Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach has always been known for its family-oriented environment, and Mayor Hardiman believes this ordinance will help maintain that reputation. She compares the situation to the approval of alcohol in the town, which only occurred relatively recently. She emphasizes that the majority of people in the community want to preserve Bethany Beach as a safe and welcoming place for families. By implementing this ban on marijuana-related businesses, the town aims to ensure that it remains a suitable environment for children and families.

Supporting the Initiative

Alex Heidenberger, co-owner of Mango’s restaurant, strongly supports the town’s decision to ban marijuana-related businesses. He believes that protecting the family-oriented nature of the community should be the top priority. Heidenberger notes that in Bethany Beach, parents can let their children out the door in the morning and not worry about their safety until after dinner. Any negative incidents resulting from the introduction of marijuana businesses in town could tarnish its reputation.

Varying Opinions

However, not everyone agrees with the proposed ban. Some visitors argue that allowing the growth or sale of marijuana in town would not have a detrimental impact on the community. They believe that educating people about the substance is crucial, as there is often a lack of knowledge surrounding it. Vacationer Maia Dreishpoon states that she personally hasn’t consumed any drugs, including marijuana, and has had no issues. She suggests that attitudes towards marijuana depend on a person’s background and understanding of the topic, acknowledging the existence of stigma against it.

Community Input and Final Decision

Mayor Hardiman has confirmed that the council is open to feedback and opinions from the community regarding the proposed ban. Before taking a final vote, the council will carefully consider these viewpoints. Residents and visitors in Bethany Beach have the opportunity to provide their input and participate in shaping the town’s future policies.

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