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## Hong Kong Retail Cryptocurrency Traders Gain Access to Local Exchange

Hong Kong retail cryptocurrency traders can now take advantage of a locally based cryptocurrency exchange, as HashKey Exchange introduces retail trading services to users in China’s special administrative region. This development follows the company’s recent acquisition of Type 1 and Type 7 licenses from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) on August 3, expanding its services from professional and institutional investors to retail users. As a result, HashKey Exchange becomes the first licensed retail exchange in Hong Kong.

With the launch of retail trading, HashKey Exchange offers trading pairs of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) with the Hong Kong dollar and plans to list additional tokens in the future. In addition, the exchange supports both United States dollar and Hong Kong dollar deposits and withdrawals. The company aims to onboard 500,000 to one million users by the end of 2023, both locally and internationally, showcasing its ambition to significantly expand its user base.

This groundbreaking move has been met with optimism by HashKey Exchange, particularly with regards to the growth and development of Web3, a decentralized web ecosystem. The spokesperson for the company emphasized that they foresee a prosperous future for Web3 in the region, propelled by government and SFC support. Building on this momentum, HashKey Exchange predicts that Hong Kong’s crypto user base will surge to 10-15 million over the next two years, driven by the recent permission granted to retail investors for obtaining and trading cryptocurrencies.

HashKey’s chief operating officer, Livio Weng, stressed the crucial role of favorable regulatory oversight from the Hong Kong government and the SFC in catalyzing the advancement of the Web3 ecosystem. He noted that regulatory compliance in Hong Kong is attracting talents and capital from around the world, fostering accelerated technological and business innovation. Furthermore, this favorable regulatory environment positions Hong Kong as a potential alternative for Web3 firms seeking a new location.

Technical aspects of the HashKey Exchange include its utilization of the Hex Engine, a high-performance trading system capable of processing 5,000 transactions per second. Moreover, the exchange adheres to Hong Kong’s regulatory requirements, such as comprehensive user screening, Anti-Money Laundering inspections, and transaction monitoring. HashKey is also licensed to hold custody of institutional and retail client funds, with 98% of cryptocurrencies under management securely stored in cold wallets, ensuring utmost security for users’ assets.

Hong Kong’s embrace of a regulated cryptocurrency ecosystem is attracting global players like Binance, which actively participates in public discussions and policy-making processes. Additionally, digital asset platform OSL recently announced its SFC license uplift, granting it the ability to offer brokerage, exchange, and custody services to retail customers in Hong Kong.

In conclusion, the introduction of HashKey Exchange’s retail trading services provides Hong Kong retail cryptocurrency traders with a locally based and licensed platform to engage in cryptocurrency trading. This advancement aligns with the optimistic outlook for Web3 development in the region, driven by favorable regulations and government support. With the anticipation of Hong Kong’s crypto user base reaching 10-15 million over the next two years, HashKey Exchange aims to cater to the growing demand and establish itself as a leader in Hong Kong’s evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

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