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WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital Provides Medical Assistance at National Jamboree

Glen Jean, WV (WVNS) – West Virginia University’s Children’s Hospital has set up a tent at the National Jamboree in Morgantown, offering medical assistance to scouts in need. This collaboration between WVU Medicine and the Children’s Hospital aims to ensure the well-being of scouts throughout the event.

With over 100 physicians from WVU Medicine present at the Jamboree, scouts can receive prompt medical attention for various ailments, ranging from minor scrapes and cuts to more severe injuries like broken bones. The physicians closely coordinate with the Jamboree staff, ensuring every scout who requires medical help receives appropriate care.

Amy Bush, Chief Administrator Officer with WVU Medicine Children’s, expressed her excitement about the collaboration with the Jamboree, stating, “Just to see the life that it’s brought into the state of West Virginia by being the host of the National Jamboree is so inspirational to us. This is a gift for us and we’re honored to be here.”

Furthermore, WVU Medicine Children’s offers advice to scouts interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. This opportunity allows scouts to gain valuable insights and guidance from healthcare professionals.

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