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Expansion of UK’s National Crime Agency’s Digital Assets Investigation Team

The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) is seeking to strengthen its efforts in combating crypto-related crimes by expanding its team of digital assets investigators. The agency plans to hire four senior investigators for its Complex Financial Crime Team (CFCT) who will specialize in investigating high-end crypto fraud, money laundering, and other blockchain-based crimes committed by organized crime groups.

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Moreover, the selected investigators will collaborate closely with a surveillance team and the London Police, leveraging their combined expertise to tackle crypto-related crimes more effectively.

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Job posting for digital assets investigators. Source: National Crime Agency

To succeed in their work, the investigators will be required to work alongside other investigators, intelligence and analysis team members, utilizing data and evidence from diverse sources to develop complex cases.

To qualify for the positions, applicants must hold a current Professionalising Investigation Programme Level 2 (PIP2) accreditation or an equivalent qualification in investigative crime issued by a government agency. Successful candidates can expect a salary range of £34,672 to £38,314 ($44,145 to $48,782.92) in addition to other civil service benefits.

Combatting Rising Crypto Fraud in the UK

The United Kingdom recognizes the growing threat of illicit crypto activities and is determined to combat them effectively. On January 4, the NCA established its digital assets team, indicating a heightened focus on crypto assets. The unit’s formation was driven by the significant increase in the monetary losses due to crypto fraud in the UK during 2022. According to the UK’s reporting system for cybercrime and fraud, crypto scammers managed to steal a staggering $287 million throughout the year.

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The NCA has been making continuous efforts to bolster its crypto team. On July 26, the agency announced its search for financial investigations managers who will be responsible for overseeing crypto and digital assets crime investigations from a Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) perspective. This perspective focuses on identifying and seizing criminally obtained assets and redirecting them for the benefit of the community.

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