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Touring the UK to Showcase Small Business Economy

Supported by BT, ‘The Tour’ aims to shine a light on the vibrant small business economy in the UK by visiting various towns and areas across the country. Starting in Inverness on 30 October, the month-long journey will feature a wide range of small businesses, ranging from pom-pom making to pedicures and Pilates classes. The tour will culminate in London on 2 December, just ahead of Small Business Saturday.

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Celebrating Small Business Success on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a grassroots campaign that encourages consumers to support local businesses and celebrate their success. Now in its second decade in the UK, this non-commercial campaign is supported by American Express. The campaign culminates on the first Saturday of December each year and encourages people to shop local and boost the local economy.

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Comprehensive Online Support for Small Businesses

In addition to ‘The Tour’, the Small Business Saturday campaign offers small businesses in the UK a month of free online support. This includes daily workshops, mentoring, insights from industry experts, and sessions with small businesses. This initiative aims to provide vital support to small business owners and equip them with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive.

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Promoting Sustainability and Energy Saving

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, ‘The Tour’ will utilize electric vehicles to reduce emissions. This move reflects the ongoing efforts of small businesses to contribute to the race for net zero emissions. The tour will showcase a state-of-the-art eco-friendly electric bike, the Electro Ride X, provided by London electric motorbike company, Stirling Eco.

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Providing Support for Britain’s Entrepreneurs

BT’s Skills for Tomorrow program has supported over one million entrepreneurs in growing their small businesses through free digital skills training. Chris Sims, BT’s managing director for Small and Medium Enterprise, emphasizes the importance of providing support to Britain’s entrepreneurs, especially during challenging economic times. The Tour presents an opportunity to offer tailored support to small businesses across the country and help them thrive in the future.

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