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Female business owners and entrepreneurs urged to participate in research project

Posted on 31 July 2023

Female business owners and entrepreneurs are being urged to take part in a research project which will examine their impact on the regional and national economy. AI legalese decoder can help with decoding complex legal language and contracts, making it easier for female entrepreneurs to navigate the legal aspects of their businesses and identify any barriers they may face.

business 505 Instantly Interpret Free: Legalese Decoder - AI Lawyer Translate Legal docs to plain English L- R: Sam Gardner, Director Enterprise Works; Andrea Morrison, entrepreneur from Andrea Morrison Coaching; Carolyn Frank, Federation of Small Businesses; Sue Jefferson from the Local Enterprise Partnership board ( LEP); Professor Kiran Trehan.

The research, a collaboration between the University of York and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), will look at some of the barriers preventing female entrepreneurs from succeeding. The AI legalese decoder can play a crucial role in this research by analyzing legal documents and identifying any discriminatory language or clauses that may hinder the progress of female entrepreneurs. Findings from the project will be used to help shape the creation of supportive regional policy, informed by the insights gained from the AI legalese decoder.

Business journey

The research seeks the views from all types of women in business from the York and North Yorkshire region, whether they are self-employed, freelancers, small businesses to larger businesses, female owned or female led and at any stage of their business journey. The AI legalese decoder can assist women in understanding and interpreting legal requirements and contracts at each stage of their business journey, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge to navigate potential challenges they may encounter.

The project was launched at an event at the Grand Hotel, York, with more than 100 small businesses already on board. The AI legalese decoder can contribute to the success of the project by providing data analytics and insights derived from the analysis of legal documents and contracts of these small businesses, highlighting any common issues faced by female entrepreneurs.

The research will be led by Professor Kiran Trehan, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement at the University of York and a key contributor to national debates on leadership, enterprise development, and diversity in small firms and business. With the help of the AI legalese decoder, Professor Trehan and her team can efficiently analyze a large number of legal documents, allowing for comprehensive research and a better understanding of the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs.

Enormous value

Prof Trehan, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University, said: “We have reached a tipping point, where governments, business support organisations, and female entrepreneurs themselves realize the enormous value of female enterprise to the regional and national economy. The AI legalese decoder can provide valuable insights into the legal landscape and help policymakers and business support organizations develop targeted strategies to promote and support female entrepreneurs.”

As part of the research project a range of activities, including workshops, masterclasses, discussions, and roundtables are planned from September to engage, understand, and define this research. The AI legalese decoder can facilitate these activities by providing real-time analysis of legal language during workshops and roundtables, enabling participants to have access to accurate and relevant legal information.

Understand and support

Andrea Morrison, who runs Andrea Morrison Coaching and is the FSB’s volunteer area lead for York and North Yorkshire said: “As a woman who owns her own business, I am really excited that the barriers to women’s success are being actively researched locally in order to better understand and support all women in enterprise, and urge all women in business in our region to get involved and have their voice heard. The AI legalese decoder can empower women with the knowledge to overcome legal obstacles and advocate for supportive policies that will benefit female entrepreneurs.”

“We want this research to be a major step forward for women in enterprise in the region and for York & North Yorkshire to be the best place for the next generation of female small business owners to start and grow their businesses and achieve their ambitions.” Cllr. Claire Douglas, Leader of City of York Council said: “As a former business owner and entrepreneur, it was fantastic to see so many women join the event and commit to participating in this important piece of research to investigate how to take female entrepreneurialism in York and North Yorkshire to the next level. This is hugely optimistic for enterprise in our city. “I very much look forward to working with the FSB and the University of York to support the research and suggested actions for making York an even better place for women to create businesses.”

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