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Atlanta Police Searching for Serial Robber Targeting Local Business

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – Atlanta Police are on the lookout for a man who has been repeatedly targeting a business in south Atlanta. The incidents took place at Reggie’s Food Mart on Dill Avenue and occurred three times within a span of one week in early July.

The owner of the convenience store, Reggie, is frustrated and fed up with the situation and has sought the assistance of attorney Musa Ghanayem. Ghanayem, who is working closely with Reggie, expressed his concern, stating, “There was a lot of damage. I mean the roof was damaged, the register was damaged and the back door.”

Surveillance footage captured inside the store shows the suspect breaking in through the roof. The video reveals a masked individual dressed entirely in black, calmly stuffing merchandise into a duffle bag. In another incident, the same man is believed to have fallen through the ceiling, stealing additional items from the store.

The stolen items include at least $1,500 worth of cigarettes and various other products. However, Ghanayem emphasizes that the financial loss is not the primary concern for Reggie. He explains, “I know that the damage to the store is way, way worse than anything that he could have taken, and it’s really the lack of respect for humanity and your neighbors.”

As a consequence of these repeated break-ins, Reggie has been forced to temporarily close his business. However, the resilient store owner remains committed to reopening as soon as the necessary repairs can be completed. Ghanayem assures, “That’s always been who Reggie is. He’s going to continue to keep that store open as soon they can get it fixed up, and he is going to reinvest in the store and the community.”

Ghanayem estimates that the required repairs could potentially take several months to complete, further restricting Reggie’s ability to operate his business and serve the community. This situation calls for immediate action to identify and apprehend the suspect.

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Anyone with information about these incidents should contact the Crime Stoppers Atlanta tip line at 404-577-8477. Remember, you can remain anonymous and still be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000.

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legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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