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Robinhood Identified as Fifth-Largest Holder of Ethereum (ETH)

In a recent report, blockchain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence has revealed that popular trading platform Robinhood is the fifth-largest holder of Ethereum (ETH) in the world. Despite being primarily known for its equities trading services, Robinhood has a massive amount of ETH in its wallet, estimated to be worth around $2.54 billion.

This finding adds another layer to Robinhood’s already substantial crypto footprint, as the platform was previously identified as the third-largest holder of Bitcoin (BTC), with approximately $3.3 billion worth of the cryptocurrency. It is worth noting that the assets in Robinhood’s crypto wallets are custodial, meaning they are held on behalf of the users.

Additionally, Robinhood’s wallet contains a diverse range of other coins, highlighting the platform’s interest in various cryptocurrencies. For instance, they are holding 34.1 trillion Shiba Inu (SHIB), valued at around $277.8 million. The wallet also holds 4.9 million Chainlink (LINK) tokens, worth nearly $29.7 million, and 2.6 million Avalanche (AVAX), worth close to $29.6 million.

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Challenges Faced by Robinhood in Crypto Trading

Despite its substantial crypto holdings, Robinhood has recently encountered a decline in its crypto trading activity. The platform reported a decrease in revenue from crypto trading, falling from $38 million in Q1 2023 to $31 million in Q2 2023.

This decline is not unique to Robinhood alone; it is reflective of a broader trend in the crypto market. However, it does raise questions about the platform’s stability and long-term viability in the crypto space.

To address these challenges, Robinhood has taken a proactive approach by expanding its wallet services. The company announced that it would now support custody, sending, and receiving of Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Ethereum (ETH) swaps. This feature rollout is aimed at meeting customer demands for increased functionality and asset support within the Robinhood platform.

Robinhood’s efforts to enhance its crypto services demonstrate a strategic move towards staying relevant in the ever-evolving digital asset landscape. By adapting to market demands and expanding its offerings, Robinhood aims to solidify its position in the crypto industry despite the challenges faced by its crypto trading volume.


As one of the world’s largest holders of Ethereum, Robinhood’s presence in the crypto market cannot be ignored. However, the decline in crypto trading activity highlights the need for continuous adaptation and improvement in order to remain competitive.

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Overall, Robinhood’s expansion of its wallet services and its proactive response to market demands show its commitment to staying relevant and providing enhanced crypto services to its user base.

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