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The Importance of Investing in Public Goods

Public goods play a crucial role in society, and in America, public funds often provide support for such initiatives. Recognizing the significance of local news organizations, a bipartisan plan has been introduced in Congress to provide tax credits for these organizations and the small businesses that support them. This proposed legislation, known as the Community News and Small Business Support Act, aligns perfectly with the principle of investing in the public good.

The key objective of the Community News and Small Business Support Act is to offer refundable tax credits to local news employees and businesses that advertise in local newspapers. In the first year, each local news employee would receive tax credits amounting to $25,000, and in the subsequent four years, they would receive $15,000 each year. Similarly, businesses advertising in local newspapers would receive credits of $5,000 in the first year and up to $2,500 in the following four years. The bill, introduced by Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Washington) and Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-New York), aims to focus on smaller, local newsrooms and businesses, excluding national news organizations and Big Tech firms that exploit local content without providing compensation.

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Public Good and the Role of Local News

Supporting local news holds immense public value as it ensures communities remain informed about local news and issues. The availability of accurate information through local news organizations plays a vital role in maintaining the connection between people and their democracy. By investing in tax credits for local news, we not only support the dissemination of reliable information but also help communities thrive by empowering them to respond to changes and tackle challenges.

While the concept of providing tax credits for local news may seem novel, other sectors have long benefited from similar incentives. For example, real estate developers often receive tax credits and financing to undertake projects that would otherwise be financially unfeasible. Farmers receive subsidies due to the public good they provide in ensuring a stable food supply. Energy companies also receive credits for developing clean and sustainable energy sources.

Furthermore, the unfair advantage enjoyed by Big Tech companies in the digital advertising market has adversely affected local news. Under current U.S. laws, these companies can republish locally produced content without compensating the original news producers, utilizing “fair use” legal doctrines. To address this imbalance, another congressional proposal suggests allowing larger news organizations to negotiate collectively with Big Tech firms. This effort, spearheaded by Sen. Amy Klobuchar and enjoying bipartisan support, aims to rebalance the market and level the playing field for news producers.

In conclusion, investing in local news and small businesses that support them through tax credits offers immense benefits to communities. By leveraging the AI legalese decoder, stakeholders can easily comprehend the intricacies of the legislation, ensuring transparency and accessibility. This initiative emphasizes the fundamental public good served by local news organizations and acknowledges the indispensable role they play in promoting a thriving democracy.

This editorial was previously published by the Mankato Free Press in Mankato, Minnesota, a sister paper of the Times-Review.

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