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Australia on the Path to a Cashless Society

9News, an Australian news service, recently highlighted that Australia is moving closer to becoming a completely cashless society. For the first time since the introduction of dollars and cents in 1966, the number of physical notes in circulation has officially declined. This shift has significant implications for various segments of the population, particularly the elderly, those living in rural areas, and even criminals who heavily rely on cash transactions.

Decline in Physical Cash Circulation

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) data reveals a staggering disappearance of over a billion dollars worth of physical cash from circulation within the last financial year. This decline points towards an emerging trend that could make life more challenging for certain groups of people. The elderly, who may prefer cash for their day-to-day transactions, and individuals living in remote regions with limited access to digital payment methods could face difficulties adjusting to this cashless shift.

Impact on Criminal Activities

In addition to the challenges faced by specific demographics, the decline in cash usage is expected to hinder the activities of criminals. Authorities suggest that less cash circulation will make it increasingly difficult for criminals to conduct undetected transactions. The dependence of criminals on cash could be disrupted as digital payment methods leave a digital trail, making it easier for law enforcement to track and investigate illicit activities.

Trends in Cashless Payment Adoption

According to the RBA’s survey, a significant number of Australians now consider themselves “low cash users,” utilizing cash for less than 20 percent of their in-person transactions. This shift in consumer behavior is evident compared to 2019, when approximately half of the population identified as “low cash users.” The survey indicates that the use of cash is projected to continue declining in the coming years, reflecting a similar trend seen with cheques, which are expected to be phased out completely by 2030.

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