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A Disappointing Paragliding Experience: Seeking Refund and Resolution


I paid £750 to a paragliding school about a year ago to complete the first course of my training with a friend. We only attended the ground school, and then all flying days were cancelled due to weather. I moved away from the area a couple of months later for financial reasons and notified the school. After 7 weeks of no response, they offered to let me gift the course to someone else or join them on a Spain trip. However, I didn’t receive any further communication for 4 months until I finally got in touch with them through Telegram.

Challenges and Disappointments

The school’s communication has been subpar, with responses taking days, weeks, or even months. They initially claimed I could gift the course or join the Spain trip, but later said the course had to be completed within 12 months of payment. There were no terms and conditions I signed when paying, as I was directed to a "pay now" button. I arranged to go on the Spain trip, but it was cancelled due to lack of participation. The school then said I couldn’t join another trip without completing a day at their UK base, which the governing body disputed.

Seeking a Refund

I’m left with the desire to get a refund, which the school claims I’m only entitled to £565, considering I’ve completed the ground school (worth £185). However, I believe I’m entitled to a full refund. To get this refund, I’m considering a threatening letter or small claims court.

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  • Lloydy_boy

    > he then is giving me no options and is saying it’s impossible to do unless I go back to the UK base

    That’s your option right there, go back to the UK base you originally booked the course at (?) and he’ll complete it.

    Be careful as if that is inconvenient for you, it wouldn’t be his problem, he would likely argue the course is there waiting for you to do it, you just can’t be arsed to turn up to do it. Not a 100% cast iron strategy but it will have teeth in defence of your claim.

  • FloorPerson_95

    Sounds like:

    – you purchased the goods/service of doing a paradiving course at a particular location

    – you don’t want to take up that service (because you moved away)

    You have no right to a refund because it’s not convenient for you. He is presumably still offering to provide you that service at the original place. It sounds like it isn’t the best organised, he should definitely sort out terms and conditions, but fundamentally, I don’t think you have a case.

    And arguing with people spending their time commenting here to give you advice for free isn’t going to help you either.

  • CrepsNotCrepes

    From what you’ve said it doesn’t sound like you’d be entitled to a refund.

    The days being cancelled due to bad weather are expected in something like paragliding and it’s a safety thing. They also have no control over it.

    You moving away is irrelevant, you bought a service at a location and started it then made a decision to leave that location. That’s you not being able to use the service not them denying it and refusing to fill their end

    They offered you being able to do it in Spain but couldn’t fulfil that, that seems like they voluntarily offered to do something to help you out as an option, it wasn’t taking away the option of doing it at their site which still exists. They also said you could transfer it to someone else.

    So basically you have two options. Go to their site and do the course, transfer it to someone else.

    They are 100% holding up their end of the contract you entered into by allowing you to do it. Just because you can’t or don’t want to isn’t their problem.

    Whether it’s a shitty business practice or not doesn’t come into this. They are willing to provide the service you began, you just don’t want to do it because it’s difficult through your own actions.

  • Background_Duck_1372

    How did you pay?

    Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like a very strong case because he’s not outright refusing to fulfill, and ultimately you moved away which isn’t his problem.

    Has he said you can do what you originally paid for but you’d need to go back to the paragliding school?

    If you paid on credit card I would dispute it through them, they will likely have more luck and he may refund just to avoid the bother.

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  • BeginningConnect600

    Paragliding to Spain seems a bit risky without any prior training