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How AI Legalese Decoder Can Help with Your VERA Calls

I completely understand the anxiety and frustration that comes with waiting for claims to be processed. It can be especially challenging when you have a higher level review, supplemental, or increase/new claims that have been pending for a lengthy period of 50 days. This waiting period can be even more difficult if you don’t have a hardship flash.

In such cases, the Veterans Employment Rights Association (VERA) might not be able to provide the assistance you are seeking. It’s important to note that VERA has certain limitations and cannot expedite the processing of claims that fall outside their scope.

So, what options do you have when you’re at 100% and not designated as Permanent and Total (P&T), and understandably desiring to be? The situation may seem frustrating and overwhelming. However, there are alternative steps you can take to ensure your claim is progressing as efficiently as possible.

Here comes the AI Legalese Decoder, a powerful tool that can assist you in navigating the complex world of legal language and procedures. The AI Legalese Decoder is specifically designed to streamline the interpretation of legal jargon and identify the specific steps you need to take to move your claim forward.

With the help of the AI Legalese Decoder, you can decipher the complex terminology and understand any specific requirements or documents you may need to provide. This tool is especially useful when dealing with the intricate processes associated with claims, appeals, and administrative procedures.

By utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder, you can take proactive steps to advance your claim without solely relying on VERA appointments. This ensures that you are making the most efficient use of your time and resources, while also allowing others who are in similar situations to secure the appointments they need.

Consider the well-being of your fellow servicemen and women, and think of your brothers and sisters who are also working tirelessly to navigate the claims process. By utilizing the benefits of the AI Legalese Decoder, you can empower yourself to take appropriate actions towards the resolution of your claim, while ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for others in need.

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  • sleepinglucid

    I had to call a vet this morning because he didn’t attach a check/deposit slip to a November 2022 526 and ask him to just call the 800 # to update his DD or do it on [](

    The fucking amount of vile hatred that came out of this man’s mouth was mind blowing. I didn’t HAVE to call him, I could have just left him hanging for a month waiting for the letter to get to him, but he’s got a pretty nice pay out coming, and honestly every time I hit the Terminate EFT button, I call.. but fuck.

    I couldn’t do your job Country Girl! I probably won’t call any other veterans today as a result of this one vet being such a piece of shit. I can’t imagine HAVING to call veterans all day. Fucking yuck.

  • jetstobrazil

    Reminder that both the VA and the VBA has a ton of workers, who are here exclusively to serve us. And for the shit ton of vets in the system, with all kinds of fucked up problems, short staffed and constantly being pushed from up top to increase the rate of veterans they help, they do a very good job.

    We all know theyÔÇÖre not perfect, and mistakes occur, because they are humans. Just do your best to give everyone a bit of decency, weÔÇÖre all in this together.

  • Fit_Illustrator7986

    Not gonna lie, every time I go to my local clinic I see multiple asshole vets (usually older gen x) treat the nice front desk ladies like shit and they still try to be nice and courteous and help them. ItÔÇÖs fucking stupid how many vets go out of their way to treat VA employees like assholes. Yes there are some dickhead VA employees and lots of mistakes and shitty things the VA has done, but in my experience employees and service has drastically improved.

    Why treat anyone who treats you well like shit?

    VA employees are all individual, separate people. Stop treating them all like shit just because you have had some bad experiences. Imagine if every employee treated every vet like shit because one or two asshole vets went off on them for no good reason?

    Edit: DonÔÇÖt take this the wrong way. If I am getting treated like crap by an employee I give them a couple chances and then I will quickly feed them back their own trash. I prefer to win them over though by attempting to be calm, rational, factual, and respectful. ItÔÇÖs surprising how easy that is, maybe because they are so surprised some vets can be that way!

  • TXChainsawKiller

    The VERA in my region gave me the number to his desk phone. I donÔÇÖt have to make appointments to talk to him. While I get his voicemail about half the time, because I am sure that heÔÇÖs given phone number to hundreds of veterans and readily admits that he doesnÔÇÖt listen to voicemails because he would never get any work done, he always calls back. I have stopped calling the 800 number because they read from a script and never have the answers that I need.

  • Ispithotfireson

    Sometimes VeRA is great and sometimes they are shat. Clearly depends on the rep and the RO you are dealing with.

    Notice thereÔÇÖs a blame the veteran attitude coming from some of the VBA employees.

  • Dry-Inspection-3632

    VERA rep straight up told me not to call (because itÔÇÖs not gonna make anything faster) or even check on my initial claims for a while because the pact act is the priority right now ofc, and also the lack of workers plus they are backlogged to 700k files.

  • Docsmash401

    I appreciate what you all do as VBA employees. I just wish that the online systems could be more informative and that someone has actually looked at it. I have a HLR for a presumptive condition I initially filed for in September of 2021 that mistakes where made and still waiting to have connected.

  • LoneRanger4412

    I appreciate yall, even if its not the answer I look for I take it. Just yesterday I had a virtual appointment and the lady told me the same stuffs as it was a couple weeks back.. wow bummer but ok thank you so much. Then she says hold on let me just check something she then found out and explained to me my MST claim is gonna take longer and how it routes to a special department to be extra precise. Wow I didnt know that was a thing, search around on the r/ and sure enough thats pretty much the low down!

  • QuestionMarkeopteryx

    I think the vast majority of us appreciate the VERA folks, but I imagine you do catch a fair amount of our frustration undeservingly. You guys are one of the very few ways we get any timely transparency into our claims.

  • mandolin01

    This is one of the reasons why FOIA requests take a long time. Removing VA employee names from sometimes thousands of pages of documents takes time.

  • [deleted]

    BUT, my VERA rep was super helpful and told me exactly what step it was on and which office it was at (St. Pete) which i very much appreciated. ­ƒÿè

  • vash23x

    No I get that. But when my claim is still in stage 2 after 140 days I’m gonna get a little curious ya know? Is that common? I don’t wanna bother you guys but my first FDC took about 130 to be completed.

  • musicloverincal

    Yes, I feel for you because your position is truly between a rock and a hard place. There is nothing worse, or sadde, than a veteran (particuarly a retired individual) who has nothing better to do than to bug people who have nothing to do with the process.

  • l8tn8

    Oi why you no grant miracles!


  • gk5858

    the vets i’ve seen complain the most are the mother fuckers who didn’t even graduate boot camp or got kicked out and feels like the world owes them everything. don’t let that one dirt bag ruin your day.

  • Beavdicky

    Would you suggest calling if youÔÇÖre at 100 days for a TDIU claim, IÔÇÖve been at evidence and gathering with no reviewer assigned to my case (called Vera 7/19/23) The person I spoke to said to call before august but I felt like it wouldÔÇÖve been a waste of time

  • Forsaken_Thought

    Maybe it’s not us (r/VeteransBenefits) calling expecting something major to happen. Some of us simply want an update as to what’s happening.

    I had an appointment and I could tell that VERA thought I wanted some movement to occur as a result of the call or a date that the claim would have a decision or close. In fact, she apologized for not being able to provide either. I told her that it was reassuring to know that my C&P results came back and that I appreciated her telling me they appeared favorable. That’s it. I wasn’t mad that there was nothing more to tell and I kind of felt her angst as I thanked her and told her to have a good day.

    Then I made sure to fill out the survey saying I was satisfied with my VERA call.

    At no point did I expect her to do more than she did.

    VERA knows my file is sitting beyond the suspense date however I’m not calling every day.

    Be grateful, ya’ll.

  • alr126

    Forgive me, I’m new to getting bullshitted around by the VA & VES, what’s VERA?

  • Kingmaverick911

    50 days lol my higher level review is going on 10 months

  • beginner-woodworker

    For what itÔÇÖs worth, this Marine appreciates the hard work yÔÇÖall do.

  • Ok-Doughnut6693

    I think yaall are fantastic! I spoke with Deanna several times over the past 6 weeks or so! She is incredible, as I am betting you are too! Tgif, right? Have a wonderful weekend!

  • PumpkinMocha3088

    I have a question; Which is more trustworthy, a VSO or VA app?

    I submitted a request to remove a condition from a claim through a VERA call two weeks ago. Last week, a VSO said my request was received and my claim will go to a rater this week. However, my VA app still shows me at evidence gathering and it lists the condition I don’t want rated. Is my VSO correct or the app? Just curious. It’s ok if you don’t want to answer.

  • Stock-Screen-1977

    Vera site hasnÔÇÖt let me make an in person appointment in SD, have filled out entire forum 5 times and hit submit with an error at the end.

    Know anything about this?

  • Own_Map2228

    Yes I understand about checking on claims to early in the process. IÔÇÖm 8 months into a HLR on tinnitus hearing in decision constantly

  • LunarAnubis

    Unfortunately, this is the nature of customer service. Just because we are constantly told we’re the top 1% for “volunteering” to join the military, we are somehow better than everyone else, yet for most we are just normal people who most couldn’t make it out of high-school and needed a guaranteed job and equally capable of being a Karen.

    Even though I have professional respect for other services members, I also recognize we are still people capable of being entitled assholes. I was in a call center before joining the military where doctors would threaten to let me die if I was in their state for heart surgery, and while in I had officers threaten to end my career because of their ego. Same shit, different uniform.

    Be kind. Empathize. And go to fucking therapy if you can’t handle a simple phone conversation. Being a vet gives us no right to be condescending, or a prick to anyone. We are not above anyone else.

  • Aggressive_Appeal_63

    I ended up picking up a call center job after I lost my job at Apple due to my mental health challenges, and itÔÇÖs in Education, definitely feel the pain of getting people that act unjustifiably ridiculous.

  • WrstPlayaEva

    What is the purpose of VERA and when would I know I should call them? I was to call VERA after I got my decision letter but I wasn’t sure why… so can someone explain what to use them for?

  • callmematrick

    What is VERA?

  • Dear_Profession_8297

    Can you tell me why IÔÇÖm being told I need to attach an SHA part A to settle my BDD claim even thought it wasnÔÇÖt made a requirement until months after I filed?

  • nelsmuller

    What about those of us who have claims only handled by o. Office such as radiation and have other claims by the local are we just supposed to sit on our hands my radiation claim has been stagnant for over 200 days my PACT Act claim has been sitting 10 days and I have already seen more movement on a ten day old claim than an over 200 day old claim I know there is only one regional office that deals with radiation based claims but the least the VA could do is bump manning at Jackson so they can move them along I am not complaining but just stating facts after each VERA call I wait about a week and try to schedule them about a month apart but when the VERA rep tells me try back next week ther may be some movement what are we to do?

  • LordVerse

    I do have 1 question, my claim was previously decided but then went back into evidence, I tried calling to ask to see if my percentage and was told by Vera that they couldnÔÇÖt tell me? Any insight on this?

  • no-favors

    What about getting my kid added? I filed for her on my original claim, but they wanted a birth certificate. I filed an amended claim back in May with the birth certificate and it hasnÔÇÖt moved from being received. This has to be an easy kill.

  • Doscida

    What is a hardship flash? Is that when life just gets particularly more difficult for a period of time? Does the VA take that into account when working through claims?

  • BperrHawaii

    Claim hardship for faster processing

    Got it, thanks

  • al329

    Had a few calls into VERA, so far all helpful agents who answered my questions and helped me understand where and what was going on. So thanks for your work!

  • needlez67

    I had a Vera call today to check to see if a HLR call was going to be scheduled after 75 days and they at least told me it wasnÔÇÖt even assigned to anyone. I didnÔÇÖt expect anything but at least now I know itÔÇÖs gonna be a lot longer which was helpful. I thought checking with in after 2 months of total silence seemed acceptable. Nice people when IÔÇÖve called

  • AlternativeCat317

    Thank you, I have a Vera call on Monday .My first one . My supplemental asthma claim is at 160 days for pact act ![img](emote|t5_2vlaz|7565)