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PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) – Navigating the World of Nursing: A Career of Extensive Education and Dedication


Nursing is a career path that requires immense dedication and education. The profession involves providing care and compassion to patients, while also staying updated with the latest medical advancements and techniques. In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, it is crucial for aspiring nurses to understand the various paths available to them.

WVU Medicine Princeton Community Hospital and Bluefield State University’s Junior Nursing Academy

To address the growing demand for skilled nurses, WVU Medicine Princeton Community Hospital and Bluefield State University have come together to create a Junior Nursing Academy for middle schoolers. This innovative program aims to inspire and educate young minds about the exciting world of nursing.

The Academy: A Glimpse into the World of Nursing

The West Virginia Junior Nursing Academy, led by Director of the Associate Program of Nursing at BSU, Doctor Sandy Wynn, hosts eighth-grade students who are interested in nursing as a possible career. The Academy takes place at both WVU Medicine Princeton Community Hospital and Bluefield State University, providing students with a unique opportunity to experience the inner workings of a hospital and university.

Doctor Wynn’s Vision

Doctor Wynn emphasizes the importance of exposing young minds to the various paths available in nursing. She believes that the earlier these children are shown their options, the better. "With so many pathways into nursing available now, many of them need to start in the early years of high school," said Dr. Wynn. "We can encourage them on what kind of classes to take, such as sciences, chemistries, and maths, so they are prepared and can become nurses quicker when they graduate."

The Students: Passionate about Making a Difference

The students who participate in the Academy are drawn to it for various reasons. Kymereon Kearns, an eighth grader at Bluefield Middle School, wants to make a difference in people’s lives. "I like the fact of helping people and seeing that I can put a smile on their faces," explained Kearns. Leah Yancey, also an eighth grader at Bluefield Middle, has a family history in healthcare and wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Bluefield State University’s Partnership

The partnership between Bluefield State University and WVU Medicine Princeton Community Hospital benefits both institutions and the students in the Academy. Bluefield State University often has its nursing program graduates work at PCH, providing students with a glimpse into their potential future workplace.

WVU Medicine PCH’s Perspective

President and CEO of WVU Medicine PCH, Karen Bowling, highlights the importance of the Academy in providing young minds with an informed decision about their future. "Don’t choose a profession for the wrong reason, choose it because you believe that’s gonna be your life’s work," said Bowling. "This kind of exposure really does give them a good perspective of whether nursing or a healthcare field is the right field for them."

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