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Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Suspends Crypto Debit Card Services in Latin America and the Middle East

On August 25, cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the suspension of its crypto debit card services in Latin America and the Middle East. This decision will take effect on September 21. However, the exchange assured users that refunds and disputes can still be processed until December 20, 2023.

Binance crypto debit card interface
Binance crypto debit card interface. Source: X

The crypto debit card offered by Binance functioned similarly to regular debit cards, allowing users to make day-to-day payments. The only difference was that these cards were funded by cryptocurrency assets.

The decision to suspend the crypto debit card services came to light when a user on X (formerly known as Twitter) inquired about issues with crypto debit cards in Colombia. Binance responded by announcing the suspension without providing specific reasons for their decision.

In April 2020, Binance initially announced its plan to offer crypto-backed debit cards, aiming to enter the global payment market. By July 2020, these cards were being shipped to European countries and other parts of the world. Subsequently, Binance partnered with payment processor Swipe to provide crypto debit cards in the United States as well.

When approached by Cointelegraph for an explanation regarding the suspension of the crypto debit cards in Latin America and the Middle East, Binance did not provide any answers. However, the exchange did mention that only a small fraction (<1%) of users in these markets would be affected by the decision.

Interestingly, several of Binance CEO’s tweets on the announcement and related responses on X have since been deleted.

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