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Israel’s Relationship with the United States

Israel is not a NATO member and does not have a formal defense treaty with the United States. However, the United States has designated Israel a “major non-NATO ally” and has signed multiple defense cooperation agreements with them. Additionally, the United States has provided Israel with sophisticated weapons and billions of dollars in military aid over the years.

This close relationship has led to extensive coordination between American and Israeli spy agencies, as well as the development of Israel’s technologically advanced military. Furthermore, Israel has been allowed to use some of the military aid money to purchase weapons from their own defense industry, contributing to its growth and success.

The United States has been a substantial benefactor to Israel, with Congress passing a 10-year security assistance agreement in 2016, pledging $38 billion through 2028. In comparison, the Biden administration has sent over $41 billion in military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

The “Israel Model” for Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine believes that the United States will follow the “Israel model” with his country while it awaits a firm timetable for NATO membership. The “Israel model” refers to the strong and deep cooperation between the United States and Israel, characterized by ironclad support and extensive defense cooperation.

Implementing an Israel-style arrangement for Ukraine would involve passing a long-term military aid agreement in Congress. This would provide Ukraine with consistent and significant military assistance over several years, allowing them to strengthen their military capabilities. Similar to Israel, Ukraine could also potentially foster the growth of its own defense industry by purchasing arms from Ukrainian manufacturers.

An arrangement like this would send a strong message to Russia without entangling the United States in a formal treaty. Importantly, it would not include a provision like NATO’s Article 5, which declares that an attack against one member state is an attack against all member states.

Potential Deterrence to Russia

There are differing opinions on whether an Israel-style arrangement would effectively deter Russia. Critics argue that NATO membership for Ukraine is the only truly effective deterrent. They believe that without it, Ukraine would remain in an indefinite state of insecurity, which has historically catalyzed Russia’s hegemonic ambitions.

However, proponents of the Israel model argue that a long-term military aid agreement could still provide a significant deterrent to Russia. By steadily building up Ukraine’s military capabilities, it would make any potential aggression from Russia more costly and risky. Furthermore, it would avoid a full-blown conflict between the United States and Russia, which could escalate tensions even further.

Differences Between U.S. Relationships with Israel and Ukraine

There are significant differences between the United States’ relationships with Israel and Ukraine. Israel benefits from strong bipartisan support in Congress, which has helped maintain their military aid over the years. On the other hand, it is uncertain how long American lawmakers will continue to prioritize supporting Ukraine’s war efforts.

While Democrats largely support ongoing military aid for Ukraine, Republican presidential candidates have been divided on the issue. Some Republicans in Congress have expressed concerns about the allocated funds for Ukraine, especially considering the ongoing conflict and the approaching election year.

Additionally, Israel and Ukraine face different threats and have different military capabilities. Israel possesses a powerful army, advanced weapons, and a nuclear arsenal. In contrast, Ukraine has rebuilt its military from Soviet stockpiles while fighting an invasion, after giving up its nuclear weapons in the 1990s.

Israel’s enemies primarily consist of Palestinian militants and Iran, whereas Ukraine is dealing with a global superpower armed with nuclear weapons – Russia.

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