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AppHarvest Products LLC secures court approval for $113 million bid for high-tech produce-growing facilities in Kentucky

AppHarvest Products LLC has recently received court approval for a $113 million opening credit bid from an affiliate of Equilibrium Sustainable Foods. This bid is specifically for two high-tech produce-growing facilities located in Kentucky.

The agreement involves CEFF II AppHarvest Holdings LLC, an affiliate of Oregon-based Equilibrium, which will acquire AppHarvest’s controlled environment agriculture facilities in Richmond and Morehead, Kentucky. However, AppHarvest is planning to explore better offers and potentially secure a higher bid during an upcoming auction scheduled for August 30th.

AppHarvest has stated that it cultivates tomatoes utilizing cutting-edge technology, including robotics and artificial intelligence, within each of these facilities. These advanced systems play a crucial role in enhancing food systems and ensuring a higher quality of produce.

The deal was officially approved by Judge David Jones of the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, reinforcing its validity and importance in the industry.

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