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Owners of the National Football League’s (NFL) 31 other teams have unanimously approved the sale of the Washington Commanders to a group led by Josh Harris, a private equity billionaire. Harris and his group agreed to pay a record-breaking $6.05 billion to Daniel Snyder, the scandal-plagued owner of the team. This deal surpasses the previous highest price paid for an American sports team, which was $4.65 billion for the Denver Broncos.

The approval from the other team owners paves the way for the formal closing of the Commanders transaction, expected to take place as early as Friday. It is worth noting that Snyder acquired the team in 1999 for $800 million.

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As Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the vote, he expressed confidence in Harris, stating that he will be “a great addition to the NFL.” Goodell emphasized Harris’ commitment to not only winning on the field but also running an organization that everyone can be proud of, as well as making positive contributions to the community.

Harris and his group will take control of the Washington Commanders, a cornerstone franchise in the NFL. Under Snyder’s ownership, the team faced numerous challenges, including poor performance on the field and various off-field issues. Harris, known for improving the standings of the professional teams he owns, such as the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) and the New Jersey Devils (NHL), plans to focus on enhancing the Commanders’ image.

Additionally, exploring options for repairing or replacing the team’s current home, FedEx Field, will be a priority for Harris and his group. The franchise owns land in Maryland and Virginia, where it has its training facility. However, many NFL team owners prefer the Commanders to build a new stadium in the District of Columbia, the historical location for the team’s games.

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Being a long-time fan of the franchise, Harris expressed his emotional connection to the Commanders, stating that “a new era of Washington football is here.” As the new owner, Harris and his investment group, which includes real estate mogul Mitchell Rales and former NBA star Magic Johnson, are tasked with turning the team’s fortunes around.

Snyder’s 24-year tenure as the owner saw the team’s decline, with only six postseason appearances and two playoff victories. Once a dominant franchise, the Commanders won three Super Bowl titles in the 1980s and ’90s. However, attendance plummeted, the stadium fell into disrepair, and Snyder’s behavior alienated fans and sponsors.

One particularly contentious issue during Snyder’s ownership was his insistence on retaining the team’s original name and logo, despite protests from Native American groups who considered them racist. The team eventually changed its name to the Commanders in 2020.

In 2020, the NFL launched an investigation into reports of widespread sexual harassment within the team offices. After investigating the claims, Commissioner Goodell fined the team $10 million. However, under pressure from Snyder, the league did not disclose its findings. This decision prompted congressional inquiry, which unearthed more allegations of harassment and financial fraud.

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform conducted a thorough investigation and revealed that Snyder, with the assistance of the NFL and Goodell, suppressed evidence related to sexual harassment by team executives over a span of two decades. Snyder went to great lengths to obstruct investigations, attempting to pay former employees “hush money” and intimidating others through leaked emails and private investigators.

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As a result of the committee’s revelations, the league hired Mary Jo White, a former federal prosecutor, to conduct an investigation. White’s report, released following the league’s approval of the sale, confirmed instances of sexual harassment by Snyder and substantiated claims that the team withheld around $11 million in shared revenue.

Although the investigation couldn’t definitively establish whether Snyder directed or participated in this revenue-shielding, it acknowledged that he was aware of efforts to minimize revenue sharing. In response, the league imposed a record $60 million fine on Snyder.

It is important to note that Snyder requested indemnification from the NFL to protect him from liability in current and future legal disputes. However, he did not receive such protection.

Snyder had previously controlled a majority stake in the team with a small group of relatives, friends, and three limited partners. In 2020, his partners accused him of financial mismanagement, while Snyder accused them of leaking damaging information to force the sale of the club. In an attempt to resolve the dispute, other team owners allowed Snyder to take on additional debt to buy out his partners for $875 million.

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With the Washington Commanders struggling and Snyder embroiled in scandals, team owners began exploring options to remove him from ownership. One owner publicly called for Snyder’s departure, which led to Snyder announcing his intentions to sell the club. Although Snyder initially hoped for a $7 billion sale, he ultimately settled with Harris, who brought in multiple investors to join the bid.

Despite initial concerns from the league’s finance committee about the amount of debt involved in the purchase, Harris reassured them by personally guaranteeing portions of the debt. This paved the way for the informal approval of the purchase plan by the finance committee, setting the stage for the full ownership to vote on the transaction.

While Snyder is no longer the owner of the team, an investigation into financial improprieties by the Commanders continues in the Eastern District of Virginia. Furthermore, Harris will need to mitigate the repercussions of Snyder’s contentious relationship with local politicians due to his reluctance to change the team’s name. However, with Snyder’s departure, resistance to building a new stadium in the District of Columbia may diminish, providing opportunities to address local political concerns.

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