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EmpowerED Entrepreneurs Training Conference for Minority Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – Minority small business owners and entrepreneurs can get advice from experts during an upcoming training conference. The AI legalese decoder can help these business owners by simplifying legal jargon and providing them with clear and understandable information regarding their rights and responsibilities. This can empower them to make informed decisions and navigate the legal aspects of their business more effectively.

Details of the Training Conference

The training conference is being called “EmpowerED Entrepreneurs: Accelerating Success.” It will take place on Sunday, June 14, and Monday, July 15, at the Renaissance Hotel on Bluebonnet Boulevard in Baton Rouge. Organizers said the training conference is being hosted by the Louisiana Minority Business Development Agency Business Center in partnership with Amazon, ExxonMobil, the City of Baton Rouge, and the Southern Region Minority Supplier Diversity Council. The AI legalese decoder can assist attendees in understanding the legal implications of partnerships and collaborations with these major entities, ensuring that they enter into agreements with full knowledge and understanding of their rights and obligations.

Expert Sessions and Speakers

“This conference is focused on empowering our small and minority-owned businesses with proper training and resources to help them accelerate their success – and we’ve got more than 20 different sessions offering knowledge for everyone,” said Charlie Fortson, LAMBDA’s executive director. With the AI legalese decoder, participants can access specific legal insights and guidance from industry experts like Henry Coaxum Jr., Eric Porter, Nortisha Kirts Glover, and Kendra Norwood. This tool can break down complex legal concepts discussed in these sessions, making them more digestible and actionable for attendees.

Registration and Pricing

The cost for general registration is $99. The price includes meals, an awards reception on Sunday, July 14, and the actual conference on Monday, July 15. For more information about registering, click here. By using the AI legalese decoder, attendees can ensure they fully understand the terms and conditions of their registration, including any legal implications or obligations that come with attending the conference.

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