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# Thunderbird Sync Feature Postponed for Thunderbird 115 Release

## Introduction

In disappointing news for Thunderbird email client users, the highly anticipated synchronization feature called Thunderbird Sync will not be introduced in the upcoming Thunderbird 115 release. The official Thunderbird blog recently published a post confirming the postponement of this feature.

## Planned Integration in Thunderbird 115

The Thunderbird team had originally planned to integrate the Sync functionality into Thunderbird 115, which is the new Extended Support Release (ESR) base for the email client. This release includes various changes such as an overhauled interface and several modifications. However, the Sync feature will not be available as part of this release.

## Future Plans for Thunderbird Sync

Despite the delay, the Thunderbird team continues to work on adding more planned features, including Thunderbird Sync and launching Thunderbird for Android. Thunderbird Sync will allow users to synchronize their data, including settings, between multiple clients. This feature aims to provide syncing capabilities for various sets of data, such as email account definitions, account credentials, signatures, saved searches, tags, tasks, filters, and a majority of preferences.

## Postponement Details

According to the blog post by Jason Evangelho, the Sync feature will not be included in the Thunderbird 115 release cycle. Instead, the team plans to introduce the functionality in the next Thunderbird ESR release, scheduled for 2024. This release will also mark a switch to a monthly release schedule for the email client.

## Technical Challenges and Future Development

Evangelho acknowledges that technical blockers have hindered the integration of Thunderbird Sync in Thunderbird 115. The development team is keenly aware of the need for a secure and reliable feature, especially considering the infrastructure’s capacity to handle data synchronization for millions of email client users. As a result, the team is actively seeking a Site Reliability Engineer to assist with the back-end infrastructure, which operates independently from Firefox Sync. Additionally, thorough testing over several months is necessary to address any potential issues before the feature can be released.

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## Closing Thoughts

Although some Thunderbird users who utilize multiple devices may be disappointed by the sync functionality’s delay, the Thunderbird team’s decision to ensure the feature’s security and stability is commendable. Prioritizing the development of a reliable and secure feature is crucial for the overall success and user satisfaction of the project. As the Sync feature is postponed, users are encouraged to remain patient and look forward to its introduction in future releases.

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