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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 30: Amazon CEO Andy Jassy speaks during the New York Times DealBook Summit on November 30, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s Statement on Return-to-Office Policy Sparks Controversy


Amazon CEO Andy Jassy recently addressed the company’s return-to-office plan and sparked a debate among employees. In a statement shared with CNN, Jassy urged employees to comply with the policy or consider alternative employment opportunities. The remarks came after Insider reported on Jassy’s comments during an internal event, where he emphasized the importance of employees adhering to the policy.

The return-to-office policy requires US office staff to work from a physical office at least three days a week, reflecting Amazon’s ongoing pressure on its employees. Jassy acknowledged that employees have the right to disagree with the decision and criticize it, but they are not entitled to disregard the policy.

Jassy also hinted that employees who cannot accept the policy may face challenges in remaining at Amazon. This statement has led to discussions among employees on platforms like Reddit and Blind, exploring the legal rights of those who were initially hired as virtual employees and whether they can be compelled to work in an office.

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Insider’s report also mentioned that during the internal meeting, employees asked Jassy to provide internal data justifying the return-to-office policy. In response, Jassy stated that the policy was based on a judgment call considering various factors, including business results. He emphasized that Amazon had limited data to support indefinite remote work and had to make decisions based on past experiences with limited data.

Additionally, Jassy’s remarks confirmed Insider’s predictions about the consequences for employees who do not comply with the return-to-office mandate. However, CNN was only allowed to paraphrase Jassy’s comments and unable to directly quote them.

Amazon clarified that its approach to remote work would evolve along with the changing pandemic conditions. The company emphasized that it had continuously communicated this position to its employees.

It was reported that some Amazon employees received an email notifying them that the company was aware of their non-compliance with the office attendance requirements. This action by Amazon, tracking employees’ attendance, followed a walkout by over 1,000 corporate employees in May, protesting against the company’s “rigid, one-size-fits-all” mandate.

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