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## Main Points of Employee Situation in WA Trades

### The Employee
– Full-time service technician promised a low-end salary, work vehicle, and fuel card as part of the package with room for pay increase discussion after 3-month probation.
– Employed since June 2023.
– Consistently sought feedback on performance but received no response except for positives and minor verbal suggestions.
– List of generic issues brought up during 3-month meeting extended to 6 months due to “not enough time to assess.”
– Passed probation in December 2023 without any issues but faced harsh treatment from the GM.
– No performance management or actionable feedback provided by employer.
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### The Catalyst
– Employee asked to leave work vehicle at the office before a 5-day leave, causing financial strain for the employee.
– Request for company card assistance led to reprimand from GM for leaving it to the last minute.
– Previous incident involving a blown-up vehicle turned into another confrontation with GM over the handling of the situation.

### Unlawful Termination?
– Employee faced termination while on leave, with GM citing vague reasons for the decision.
– Employee’s leave approval questioned, leading to termination without proper communication or discussion.
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### Company Practices
– Company’s disregard for employee well-being, lack of proper procedures, and questionable HR practices highlight a pattern of exploitation.
– Lack of contracts and disregard for Award protections raise concerns about the company’s treatment of its workforce.
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### Employee Rights and Actions
– Employee considering legal options, seeking union representation for support.
– Employee questioning the legality of termination process and seeking advice on potential claims for adverse action.
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