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CNN announced on Wednesday that Mark Thompson, former chief executive of The New York Times and director-general of the BBC, will be the next leader of the renowned news organization. Thompson will take the reins of CNN Worldwide, facing a pivotal moment in its 43-year history. As one of the most experienced and respected executives in the news business, Thompson’s appointment is expected to bring strong leadership and expertise to CNN.

In a statement, David Zaslav, CEO of CNN’s parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, expressed his excitement about Thompson joining the team and leading CNN into the future. Thompson, who will officially start on October 9 as chief executive and chairman, expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to join CNN and contribute to its success.

Thompson’s appointment comes at a crucial time for CNN, which is currently facing significant challenges. One of the most pressing issues is the threat to its business model posed by the decline of traditional linear television. Thompson has experience with navigating similar challenges, as he successfully transformed The New York Times into a digital powerhouse during his tenure there.

Additionally, CNN continues to grapple with a difficult political environment, particularly with the return of former President Donald Trump and the proliferation of mis-and-disinformation. Thompson acknowledged these challenges in his first memo to CNN staffers, highlighting the need for accurate and trustworthy news in the face of disruption.

Furthermore, Thompson will be leading a global news company that has undergone significant changes and faced setbacks in the past 20 months. With his leadership, the focus will be on restoring internal morale, making swift decisions, and implementing strategic changes to improve ratings and overall performance.

One of the crucial tasks for Thompson will be to lead CNN’s transformation into a digital and streaming-focused news organization. With the decline of cable television and the rise of streaming platforms, Thompson’s experience in bolstering The New York Times’ digital business will be invaluable., although a highly trafficked news destination, generates less revenue compared to its television operations and has no subscription business. Thompson’s expertise in digital expansion and his track record of success in increasing digital subscriptions will be vital in guiding CNN’s digital strategy.

Moreover, Thompson joins CNN as the network makes a second attempt at streaming with CNN Max. This new streaming service, located within the Max app alongside content from HBO, Discovery, and Warner Bros. Pictures, aims to capitalize on the growing streaming viewership and provide a strong presence for CNN in the future.

In conclusion, Mark Thompson’s appointment as the new leader of CNN signifies a shift towards digital and streaming platforms, addressing the challenges posed by the decline of linear television. His experience, leadership, and track record of success in transforming media organizations make him well-suited to guide CNN through this crucial period in its history. With his strategic vision and expertise, Thompson will play a vital role in shaping the future of one of the world’s most renowned news organizations.

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