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One Arrested in the Shooting Death of TCU Student in Fort Worth

One person is in custody, accused of gunning down a TCU student in Fort Worth’s popular West 7th entertainment district overnight Thursday. The situation is both tragic and concerning for the community.

Police narrate that officers on patrol near the 3000 block of Bledsoe Street had heard several gunshots. Rushing to the scene, they found a man with gunshot wounds to his upper body. Despite being transported to a nearby hospital, the victim unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

An investigation into the homicide revealed that the victim was shot while standing in the street, and as the shooter fled, he also assaulted a woman. Law enforcement acted swiftly, apprehending the suspect, 21-year-old Matthew Purdy, shortly after the incident occurred.

Matthew Purdy, booking photo.

The exact charges for the accused gunman are yet to be disclosed by the authorities. Similarly, investigators have not revealed the motive behind the shooting. These unanswered questions highlight the need for further information and clarity regarding this tragic incident.

In response to the devastating news, TCU Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Kathy Cavins-Tull sent a heartfelt letter to the university community. The victim, Wes Smith, was a finance junior and a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Cavins-Tull expressed deep grief and pledged to support Smith’s closest friends and classmates during this difficult time.

In order to provide necessary assistance, TCU has made mental health counseling and other resources available to students, faculty, and staff at Jarvis Hall. No appointments are required for those seeking support. Additionally, Carr Chapel has also been opened and staffed with a chaplain to offer solace and comfort.

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