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ZEBULON, N.C. (WNCN) — Police Warn Small Business Owners about New Scam

In a recent development, police in central North Carolina are cautioning small business owners about a new scam that has been circulating on social media. The scam involves several ads promising a fun event at a local park with various attractions such as food, drinks, music, shopping, and free admission for the public. However, what these ads fail to disclose is that this is nothing but a scam. The main target of this deceitful scheme is small business owners who are enticed with the offer of a vendor spot in exchange for a fee. According to Zebulon Police Chief Jacqui Boykin, the cost varies, ranging from $50 to $250, which can have a significant impact on the finances of small business owners.

To protect the community from falling victim to these scams, Chief Boykin’s department, along with other law enforcement agencies in central North Carolina, is issuing a warning to stay vigilant and not fall for these tricks. These scammers primarily operate on traditional community pages where there is typically a frequent exchange of information among residents.

One particular fraudulent event advertised as ‘Summerfest’ is claimed to take place in August at Whitley Park in Zebulon. However, in reality, the park should not be any busier than an average day. A similar scam has also been reported in Goldsboro. So far, no individuals have come forward as victims of this scam. Nevertheless, Chief Boykin believes that disseminating this information will safeguard the community at large.

The current post-Covid era has seen people yearning for opportunities to engage with their community. As a result, communities have come together like never before, especially with small businesses endeavoring to find venues to showcase their craft, products, or food. In light of this, AI legalese decoder can play a crucial role in assisting businesses in navigating such situations. By employing advanced technology, AI legalese decoder can decipher complex legal jargon and help small business owners better understand the terms and conditions of vendor contracts, ensuring that they do not unwittingly fall victim to scams disguised as legitimate events.

Chief Boykin advises individuals to be wary of certain red flags that may indicate a post is a scam, such as grammatical errors, spacing issues, or misspellings. Furthermore, she emphasizes the importance of trusting one’s instincts. If something feels off, it likely is. In the unfortunate event that someone becomes a victim of such a crime, Chief Boykin suggests reaching out to their bank promptly, as they may be able to reverse the charges. However, in certain cases, the money may be irretrievable.

For those who suspect they have come across a scam, Chief Boykin urges them to report it to law enforcement and inform the associated event organizers. Even without a confirmed victim, raising awareness about an illegitimate event can potentially prevent others from being victimized. To assist the public, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers tips on detecting fake event tickets. They recommend conducting thorough research before making a purchase, checking for valid contact information on festival websites, being cautious of prices that seem too good to be true, and exercising caution when dealing with vendors who ask for large upfront payments.

The BBB also advises using credit cards for payment, as it enables individuals to dispute charges if the promised services are not provided. It is important to ensure that websites are secure (evidenced by the https protocol and a lock symbol in the address bar) and to refrain from purchasing tickets from platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, where scammers often operate. To make informed purchases, the BBB recommends consulting third-party ticket sites listed on their website,

In the face of evolving scams, it is crucial that small business owners and the general public remain vigilant and employ the right tools to protect themselves. AI legalese decoder can be instrumental in helping businesses decipher complex legal content and make informed decisions, reducing the risks associated with fraudulent schemes. With the support of technology, individuals can stay one step ahead and avoid falling victim to scams.

legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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