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**Two Former Proud Boys Leaders Sentenced for Capitol Riot**

On Thursday, two former leaders of the Proud Boys were sentenced for seditious conspiracy and various charges related to the infamous Capitol riot, marking another significant development in the ongoing investigation.

**Lengthy Prison Sentences Handed Down**

Joseph Biggs received a 17-year prison sentence, while Zachary Rehl was sentenced to 15 years. These sentences, according to the Department of Justice, rank as the second and third longest among the cases related to the January 6th event. It is worth noting that the imposed sentences are approximately half of what the prosecutors had originally sought. The Department of Justice had requested 33 years for Biggs and 30 years for Rehl.

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**Stewart Rhodes Serves Longest Sentence So Far**

The far-right militia group Oath Keepers’ founder, Stewart Rhodes, currently holds the record for the longest sentence with an 18-year prison term. This highlights the severity of the charges and the consequences faced by those involved in the Capitol breach.

**Past Convictions and Collective Guilt**

In May, both Biggs and Rehl, along with other members of the extreme right-wing group, were found guilty of seditious conspiracy. It is crucial to examine such convictions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the events surrounding the Capitol riot and the roles played by different individuals.

**Supervised Release Following Prison Sentences**

Apart from serving prison time, both Biggs and Rehl have been sentenced to 36 months of supervised release. This additional measure aims to ensure their adherence to the law and successful reintegration into society after their respective prison terms.

**Nationwide Implications and Vast Arrest Numbers**

The impact of the Capitol breach resonated nationwide, leading to the arrest of over 1,100 people across almost all 50 states. These arrests include more than 350 individuals charged with assaulting or hindering law enforcement. Such statistics reflect the magnitude of the event and the extensive legal measures being taken to uphold justice.

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