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Justice Department Sues Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Over Barrier on Rio Grande

The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott regarding the floating barrier that the state placed on the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from crossing into the United States from Mexico. The lawsuit seeks a court order to compel Texas to remove the bright orange buoys, measuring 1,000 feet in length, which have been deemed by the Biden administration as causing humanitarian and environmental concerns. The legal action also alleges that Texas installed the barrier without permission near the border city of Eagle Pass, violating the law.

Texas’ Escalating Border Security Measures

The buoys are just the latest addition to Texas’ efforts to enhance border security. Governor Greg Abbott has implemented various measures, including razor-wire fencing, arresting migrants on trespassing charges, and even sending busloads of asylum-seekers to Democratic-led cities in other states. The state is taking numerous steps to deter migrants from entering the U.S., stirring controversy and criticism.

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Criticism of Texas’ Measures and Response

The White House has voiced concerns over Texas’ border security operation, with a state trooper even reporting to a supervisor that the mission has become inhumane. Additionally, Republican Governor Greg Abbott faced backlash after a group of migrants, who were transported by bus, arrived in downtown Los Angeles. LA Mayor Karen Bass labeled this move as a “despicable stunt” performed by a Republican governor. The situation has drawn attention and criticism from various quarters, further intensifying the debate over border policies and humanitarian issues.

Abbott’s Defense and Biden’s Response

In anticipation of the Justice Department’s lawsuit, Governor Abbott sent a letter to President Joe Biden defending Texas’ right to install the barrier. In the letter, Abbott accused Biden of not doing enough to deter migrants from embarking on the risky journey to the U.S. “Texas will see you in court, Mr. President,” Abbott wrote, emphasizing his determination to defend the state’s actions. The Biden administration has argued that illegal border crossings have reduced significantly since new immigration rules were implemented in May.

The Justice Department’s Ultimatum

In a letter sent last week, the Justice Department warned Texas that it had until Monday to commit to removing the barrier, or else face a lawsuit. The letter asserted that the buoy wall poses risks to navigation, as well as public safety, in the Rio Grande River, in addition to raising humanitarian concerns. Importantly, Texas deployed these buoys without notifying the International Boundary and Water Commission or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Mexico’s secretary of state has also called on the federal government to intervene, stating that the barrier violates international treaties.

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