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Claims of Breakthrough in Superconductor Technology Spark Surge in Asian Stocks

Claims of a major breakthrough in superconductor technology have caused a notable surge in the stock market for Korean and Chinese companies, despite skepticism from scientists.

Rising Stocks Linked to Superconductor Technology

Several small-cap companies, including Duksung Co., Sunam Co., and Shinsung Delta Tech Co., experienced a consecutive two-day surge of 30% in Seoul, while Jiangsu Fasten Co. and Innovation New Material Technology Co. climbed by their 10% daily limits for the second session in China.

A Game-Changing Technology in the Making

Stocks relating to the superconductor technology have been steadily rising since a July 22 report by South Korean researchers claiming to have synthesized the world’s first superconductor capable of conducting electricity at room temperature and ambient pressure. The superconductor, known as LK-99, is based on a lead-based material.

If proven true and scalable, LK-99 could catalyze disruptive changes across various industries. Analyst Nick Cheng from Jefferies Financial Group Inc. stated that the technology could lead to the production of power transmission cables without any energy loss, significant advancements in computer chips, rail transport, and medical imaging.

Commercialization Challenges and Skepticism

Although excitement escalated after a video showing Chinese scientists replicating the Korean team’s findings went viral, Cheng from Jefferies raised concerns about the difficulties involved in commercializing the technology. LK-99’s apparent lack of ductility for wire production also presented a significant concern.

A report in Science highlighted the potential significance of the discovery in condensed matter physics and its ability to introduce groundbreaking technological advancements. However, skepticism among physicists remains due to the lack of detail provided in the Korean team’s papers.

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Continued Investor Interest

Despite the doubts and skepticism, investors continue to show confidence in the potential of the superconductor technology. American Superconductor Corp., an unprofitable company based in the United States, experienced a record surge of 60% on Tuesday with trading volume exceeding 43 times its daily average.

— With assistance from Jeremy R. Cooke.

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