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Truck Spills 5 Million Bees on Road near Toronto


Beekeepers in Ontario, near Toronto, faced a challenging situation when a truck carrying crates of bees spilled its load on a road. The incident prompted police to issue a warning to drivers, urging them to keep their car windows closed while passing through the area. Pedestrians were also advised to avoid the location. The scene was described as chaotic, with crates scattered on the road and swarms of bees flying around. Although beekeepers managed to recapture most of the insects, some bees remained on the loose.

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Within an hour of the incident, several beekeepers offered their assistance after noticing the police’s notice on social media. About six or seven beekeepers arrived at the scene to help recapture the bees. By mid-morning, most of the five million bees had been safely collected, and workers were in the process of removing the remaining crates from the road. A few crates were intentionally left behind as bait to encourage any uncollected bees to return to safety.

The Canadian Honey Council estimates that a summer honeybee colony typically consists of 50,000 to 80,000 bees. It is believed that these bees were part of a pollination service, where beekeepers collaborate with farmers to pollinate crops.

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Beekeepers return bees after they fell from a truck carrying hives which swerved on a road near Toronto.
Beekeepers return bees after they fell off a truck when it swerved on a road near Toronto. (Photograph: Canadian Press/Shutterstock)

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