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**Jamie Foxx Shares Emotional Video about Hospitalization**

Jamie Foxx recently uploaded a video on Instagram where he opened up about his hospitalization earlier this year. The singer and actor, aged 55, was admitted to the hospital in April 2023 for reasons that were not disclosed. Foxx’s daughter, Corinne, mentioned that he had experienced a medical complication but did not provide further details. In the video, Foxx did not explain the cause of his hospitalization but expressed gratitude towards his sister Deidra Dixon, his daughter, and the medical professionals who played a vital role in saving his life.

Foxx stated in the video that he underwent an experience that he never thought he would have to face. He admitted that many people were eagerly waiting for updates, but he chose to withhold them as he did not want them to see him in such a vulnerable state with tubes attached to his body, uncertain if he would survive. Foxx’s video is filled with raw emotions as he opens up about his ordeal.

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Foxx also took the opportunity to debunk rumors that had spread about his condition. He clarified that contrary to what was being said, he was not blind or paralyzed. While he acknowledged the challenges he faced during his road to recovery, he emphasized that he was working on getting back to full health. Foxx expressed his gratitude to those who supported him throughout this difficult period and professed his love for everyone who showered him with kindness and support.

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