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Alphabet’s Earnings Report: Investors Eye Advertising Revenue, Cloud Growth, and AI Plans

Alphabet: Investors are eagerly awaiting Alphabet’s earnings report after the market closes, with a keen interest in the company’s performance in advertising revenue, cloud growth, and its artificial intelligence plans. Analysts, based on Refinitv’s data, are anticipating that Alphabet will report $72.8bn in revenue for the June quarter, out of which $57.4bn will be from advertising sales. The estimated earnings per share are expected to be $1.34.

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Microsoft’s Impressive Performance: Record Stock Prices and Generative AI Features

Microsoft: Microsoft’s stock reached a new record high last week following the announcement of its top-tier generative AI features available for a $30 monthly premium in its widely utilized productivity software, Microsoft 365. Analysts surveyed by Refinitiv are projecting that Microsoft will have earned $2.55 per share on revenue amounting to $55.5bn in the three months leading up to June. This indicates growth compared to the same quarter in 2022 when the revenue stood at $51.9bn.

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Other Companies Reporting Earnings: Raytheon, Spotify, Verizon, General Electric, and More

Other earnings: Several prominent companies will be reporting their earnings before or after the market bell. This includes US aerospace and defense contractor Raytheon, music streaming giant Spotify, telecommunications company Verizon, conglomerate General Electric, personal care manufacturer Kimberly-Clark, Post-it maker 3M, biotechnology firm Biogen, and medical technology group GE Health. Additionally, Snapchat parent Snap, credit card group Visa, and tech group Texas Instruments will be reporting after the market closes.

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Economic Data: House Prices and Consumer Confidence Index

Economic data: In May, it is anticipated that house prices across 20 major US metropolitan areas will have witnessed a decline of 2.2%, following a 1.7% decrease in April. Separately, the Conference Board’s consumer confidence index is expected to rise to 111.8 for July, surpassing June’s reading of 109.7. This projected increase signals the highest level of consumer confidence since January 2022.

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