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The Rise of an Unconventional Solution to Panhandling

In a heartwarming turn of events, a local businessman has devised an innovative solution to help panhandlers while also promoting his own business. Joe Dipierro, the owner of Seal Rite Sealcoating & Asphalt Repair, LLC, witnessed panhandlers every day and decided to lend a helping hand.

Turning Panhandlers into Advertisers

Dipierro’s idea was simple yet powerful. Instead of providing money directly to panhandlers, he proposed giving them a job: holding a sign advertising his business and earning a wage in return. This idea not only provides panhandlers with valuable income but also allows them to feel a sense of dignity and purpose.

Under this initiative, panhandlers stationed on the Parkway in Utica now hold up signs promoting Seal Rite. The response from both the public and the former panhandlers themselves has been overwhelmingly positive. It appears that Dipierro’s believes in the potential of this unorthodox advertising strategy has paid off.

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Broadening the Initiative

Encouraged by the positive outcomes he has witnessed, Joe Dipierro has extended an invitation to fellow business owners to join his initiative. This collaborative effort aims to replicate the success achieved by Seal Rite, providing panhandlers with job opportunities and businesses with an unconventional yet effective advertising method.

Reports suggest that some of Dipierro’s business friends have expressed interest in implementing similar programs. With more businesses embracing this approach, the issue of panhandling could be addressed in a compassionate and productive manner, benefiting both the individuals in need and the local economy as a whole.

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