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# IMF Reaches Agreement with Argentina for $7.5 Billion Funding

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced on Friday that it has reached an agreement with Argentina, providing a much-needed financial lifeline for the cash-strapped South American nation. Under the deal, Argentina is set to receive $7.5 billion over the coming months as part of an existing program.

## Approval Pending from IMF Executive Board

While the negotiations between Argentina and the IMF have been ongoing for weeks, the agreement still awaits approval from the IMF Executive Board. The board is expected to convene in the second half of August to make a final decision on the matter.

## Combination of Fifth and Sixth Reviews

This latest agreement officially combines the fifth and sixth reviews of a 30-month, $44 billion loan program that was initially agreed to in 2022. Argentina intends to utilize the funds from the sixth review to repay its existing debt with the IMF. The sixth review, originally scheduled for September, has now been moved forward to align with the new agreement.

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## Support for Policy Efforts and Balance of Payments Needs

Through this consolidated review process, Argentina will be spared from undergoing another review before its upcoming presidential election in October. The IMF aims to provide support for Argentina’s policy efforts and address its near-term balance of payments requirements, including obligations to the IMF. Consequently, the subsequent review is now anticipated to take place in November.

## Economic Challenges and Policy Slippages

The IMF acknowledged that Argentina’s economic situation is currently highly challenging, primarily due to the severe impact of an unforeseen drought on the country’s exports and fiscal revenues. As a result, the IMF has agreed to ease certain requirements of its loan program. However, the international financial organization also expressed concerns about policy slippages and delays on Argentina’s part.

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