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Title: Seeking Assistance for a Forgotten Car Plate Incident in Texas: How AI Legalese Decoder Can Help Resolve the Situation


In a distressing situation, my girlfriend seeks guidance regarding an issue related to the sale of her car. We are hoping to find a solution and would greatly appreciate any assistance.


Approximately four years ago, when my girlfriend was just 18 years old, she sold her car in Texas. Unfortunately, amidst the sale, she unintentionally overlooked removing her license plates from the vehicle. Resultantly, she recently received a toll payment notice in the mail. Astonishingly, it appears that someone has been driving around with her plates for the past four years, without her knowledge or consent.

The Dilemma:

Complicating matters further, my girlfriend currently has no information regarding the person driving with her plates. Understandably, due to her young age at the time of sale, she was unaware of the importance of removing the plates and collecting information from the buyer. Consequently, she currently finds herself at a loss regarding how to locate the individual associated with her license plates.

Exhausted avenues:

Seeking resolution, my girlfriend visited the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) this morning. Unfortunately, their suggested course of action was for her to complete a form and mail it in. However, this method requires substantial information about the person using her plates, which she lacks. Therefore, we find ourselves in a perplexing situation, uncertain of the appropriate steps to take.

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Furthermore, AI Legalese Decoder can offer potential strategies to help locate the individual who has been using my girlfriend’s license plates. By providing relevant laws and regulations surrounding license plate ownership and sharing recommended steps, AI Legalese Decoder can equip us with valuable knowledge on how to proceed.


Navigating a forgotten car plate incident can be overwhelming, especially when encountering roadblocks and lacking crucial information. However, with the assistance of AI Legalese Decoder, we can gain a deeper understanding of the necessary procedures, legal implications, and potential solutions to locate the person using the plates. Utilizing this invaluable resource, we hope to find the best course of action and bring resolution to my girlfriend’s situation. Any advice or guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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  • WinginVegas

    Former Police Officer – So she just needs to complete the transfer form and indicate the tags stayed with the vehicle. She can indicate that the buyer is unknown but list the sale date as best as she remembers.

    As far as the toll, she needs to respond to them with the same information with the approximate date of sale and that the tags remained on the vehicle. At worst, she may have to pay the toll amount but they will often waive it based on the filing with DMV.

  • crablegsforlife

    she needs to go back to the DMV and explain the situation that she doesn’t know anything about the buyer it’s been 4 years and how to get this car and plates out of her name.

  • MacDaddyDC


    You’d think they’d be expired by now and confiscated by police if seen

  • Academic_Argument_92

    I live in Texas and used to work for a tolling agency. So here’s so help. First, have her check ALL tolling agencies. There may be more fees and fines out there she’s unaware of. TXTAG, NTTA, EZTAG, etc.

    Secondly, have her show proof to each tolling agency that has unpaid fees her proof of sale. Each agency has different submission requirements but for example TXTAG allows you to submit your proof of sale info and then they start a dispute process for each and every toll that was taken.

    They will take all of the fees and fines off but she will have to be persistent and send in valid, dated, proof of sale.

    Keep in mind that each tolling agency takes pictures of vehicles riding through toll lanes here in Texas so not only will there be photo proof but it will be timed and dated.

    I hope this helps. I included a link to a list of all the tolling agencies in Texas.


    Funny, different states do it differently, we don’t take plates off cars when selling, but do submit the sale with the DMV.

  • generally-unskilled

    Fill out a [Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification ]( with whatever info you have. Notify the tolling company that the vehicle was sold, you may have to call them several times.

  • cardcomm

    “so what do we do?”

    Ask the DMV ffs!!

  • Beach_bum8

    She needs to get her name off those plates ASAP!! If this person commits any criminal act, it’s going to come back to your girlfriend

    Also, I’m guessing she took the insurance off the car. In Maryland, the plates need to be returned to the MVA BEFORE removing insurance.

    So hopefully, there’s not a fine attached to them as well

  • FatBastard_78

    Plates stay with the vehicle in Texas. If the previous owner has never registered the vehicle in their name, you could file it as stolen…..

    But seriously, you should be able to go to the DMV and sign an affidavit that the vehicle was sold.

  • Sid15666

    Did she transfer the title or just give the person the car?

  • ClubZealousideal8211

    Did she report that she had sold the car to the DMV at the time? If so she should be able to request a vehicle history that would have the sold notice in the record

  • rocknrollstalin

    Lots of commenters here do not seem to be aware of the high rate of inaccurate toll billing that has been happening. If this is just a one-off (not recurring over multiple tolls) then those plates are most likely not actually on any car—the cameras read the plate number incorrectly and matched it against her record in a database. When plates are blurry, slightly obscured, dirty, have glare etc, the computer just matches it against whatever seems like the closest plate it can find in a database.

    Still need to follow all advice to clear the plate registration issue up but do not automatically assume that someone still actually has the plates on.

  • lks2drivefast

    Had a similar issue with a vehicle I sold. Lady got into a fender bender without insurance. Other party came after me. Told their insurance I sold the car and it was no longer my liability. Didn’t hear anything for 6 months. Then started getting harassed by a debt collector. Told the debt collector I sold the car and to stop harassing me. Took me threatening legal action against the debt collector to get them to leave me alone.

  • apalmo1

    Did they even transfer the title to their name? If not have your GF report the car stolen and have the guy arrested.

  • whereami100k

    Are they in the same city u guys are? And is it a big town or small town?

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