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Joplin Workshops Inc. Acquires Ozark Nursery to Provide Jobs for Disabled Workers

Joplin Workshops Inc., an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for disabled individuals in the workforce, has recently purchased Ozark Nursery with the goal of integrating their workers into the business.

The nursery, located on North Main Street Road, was put up for sale last winter by its late owner, Gayl Navarro, who sadly passed away in May. As a certified arborist, Navarro owned and operated the nursery for over two decades.

Executive director of Joplin Workshops, Jeff Jones, personally met with Navarro to discuss their vision of incorporating their disabled workers in various aspects of the nursery’s operations. Jones stated, “We propose having some of our folks participate in activities such as planting starts in February, watering the plants, and joining the landscape crew if they are interested,” highlighting the importance of not merely replacing existing nursery staff but finding strategic ways to integrate their workers.

To assess the feasibility of this endeavor, Lori Owens, comptroller of Joplin Workshops and a master gardener, collaborated with nursery personnel to establish financial controls. She also provided training to workshop employees, who collaborated with her during the early spring to plant potatoes, peppers, and peas. The resulting garden starts were subsequently sold via Facebook.

Jones enthusiastically expressed his satisfaction with the workshop team, affirming, “Our team did really well!” Consequently, Joplin Workshops made the decision to purchase the nursery, recognizing it as a viable long-standing business that aligns with their mission of involving their workers in new ventures and expanding their business portfolio.

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Expanding Opportunities and Embracing Growth

Joplin Workshops, founded in 1966 by passionate parents and business leaders, has continuously strived to provide viable job opportunities for disabled individuals eager to contribute to society. With 48 employees, 15 of whom are already engaged in work at the nursery, Joplin Workshops aims to further expand its workforce and diversify job functions.

The acquisition of Ozark Nursery marks a pivotal milestone for Joplin Workshops, as it ventures into uncharted territory by becoming the owners of a business outside of their traditional operations. Jones emphasizes their eagerness to grow the organization and actively participate in the community, envisioning potential future opportunities stemming from this acquisition.

In addition to the nursery work, Joplin Workshops seeks to provide its staff with diverse employment options, including light assembly of products and administrative tasks like collating insurance forms. As part of their commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency, the organization is equipping its buildings with pellet heaters, addressing the rising expenses associated with traditional heating methods.

Jones invites individuals interested in donating pellet stoves or exploring services that workshop employees could provide to contact Joplin Workshops at 417-781-2862. Through collaborative efforts and community engagements, Joplin Workshops aims to foster an inclusive work environment, empowering disabled individuals and paving the way for their meaningful integration into the workforce.

In conclusion,

By acquiring Ozark Nursery and embracing the additional responsibilities that come with it, Joplin Workshops demonstrates its unwavering commitment to its mission. With the assistance of AI legalese decoder, Joplin Workshops can confidently navigate the legal complexities of this acquisition, ensuring a smooth transition and a mutually beneficial partnership.

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