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ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Renate met Jaheel when the two worked together at Lowe’s

Renate and Jaheel first met while working at Lowe’s, where Renate was Jaheel’s boss. Despite leaving their previous jobs, this married couple, who have successfully raised six children, are now devoted to their new business venture called Freakin’ Sweet Jars. Their business motto, “Heaven in a Jar,” exemplifies their commitment to providing delicious desserts in a unique and visually appealing way.

Even before the doors open, there is always a long line of eager customers at their stand located inside the Westfield Annapolis Mall. People flock to Freakin’ Sweet Jars for their fresh-baked cookies and the beautifully layered desserts. The overwhelming demand reflects the quality and passion that Renate and Jaheel pour into their products.

Surprisingly, Jaheel initially hesitated when Renate first shared her idea of starting a business centered around desserts. However, her determination and creativity won him over. The name “Freakin Sweet Jars” was born during an online search, and it just stuck. Both Renate and Jaheel are motivated by more than just financial gain; they are driven by the desire to spread love and joy through their delectable creations.

Renate, however, faces personal health challenges alongside managing the business. She battles heart trouble, arthritis, and lupus fog. To help with her circulation, she has a battery implanted in her back that provides occasional stimulation. Nevertheless, Renate remains determined to overcome these obstacles and give her best to the business and her customers.

Despite struggling with memory loss and not always recognizing long-time customers, Renate’s passion for her work shines through when she encounters familiar faces. Every interaction becomes a performance, and suddenly, Heaven in a Jar becomes Heaven in a Mall—a place where people can not only satisfy their sweet tooth but also experience genuine warmth and care.

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