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Toyota Land Cruiser Makes a Comeback with Retro Design

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Just three years after being discontinued in North America, the Toyota Land Cruiser is making a comeback with an all-new, retro-styled design. This is great news for fans of classic truck-like SUVs and off-road enthusiasts. The new Land Cruiser not only boasts a timeless appearance but also comes with a more affordable price tag compared to its predecessor.

The reintroduction of the Toyota Land Cruiser is a response to the growing demand for vehicles with improved off-road capabilities. Following the success of Ford’s revival of the Bronco off-road SUV, Toyota is capitalizing on the passion of its own devoted fan base. The Land Cruiser has always been known for its ruggedness, and this new version reaffirms its heritage as a capable off-roader.

Compared to its previous iteration sold in the United States in the 2021 model year, the new Land Cruiser is slightly smaller. The previous version was closely related to the luxurious Lexus LX SUV and had a starting price of over $80,000. In contrast, the new Land Cruiser will have a starting price of around $55,000, making it more accessible to a wider range of buyers. This emphasizes its position as an off-road vehicle rather than a luxurious daily driver. The new Land Cruiser is expected to hit the market in the spring of 2024.


Toyota’s new Land Cruiser takes the model back to its roots.

For those who want to fully immerse in the Land Cruiser’s history, Toyota will offer the Land Cruiser 1958 Edition in the United States. This edition commemorates the model’s initial offering in the country and features classic design elements such as round headlights. Additionally, a limited run of 5,000 First Edition models will be available, showcasing two-tone paint and extra off-road equipment.

Despite its vintage appearance, the 2024 Land Cruiser incorporates modern hybrid power. The SUV will be equipped with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder gas engine combined with an electric motor, delivering a total power output of up to 326 horsepower. Toyota has yet to release the fuel economy figures for the vehicle, but with its hybrid technology, it is expected to offer improved efficiency.

As Toyota expands its offerings of fully electric vehicles, the company still maintains a strong commitment to hybrid technology. Toyota believes that hybrids play a crucial role in reducing global carbon emissions. With the Land Cruiser’s hybrid powertrain, it demonstrates Toyota’s dedication to sustainable mobility solutions.

In addition to the Land Cruiser’s revival, Toyota also reported a significant increase in its quarterly profits on the same day. The company attributed this growth to higher production and sales, as well as favorable currency exchange rates.


The new Land Cruiser comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen.

The unveiling of the Land Cruiser coincided with the anniversary of the model’s inception. The Land Cruiser’s roots can be traced back to the early days of the Korean War, where it was developed as a companion vehicle to the renowned Jeeps used by the US military. Toyota’s experience in producing four-wheel-drive vehicles for the Japanese military during World War II laid the foundation for the Land Cruiser’s development.

The Land Cruiser’s journey began with the creation of the Jeep BJ in 1951, although it did not secure the military contract. Toyota recognized the potential of the small off-roader and continued refining it. In 1955, it was rebranded as the Land Cruiser, a name that conveyed its capability to conquer any terrain. Since then, the Land Cruiser has become an iconic model known for its ruggedness and dependability.


The Toyota Land Cruiser 1958 edition has round headlights.

When the Land Cruiser was introduced in the United States in 1958, only a single unit was sold in its debut year. However, a subsequent version with improved off-road capability and higher build quality was launched in the early 1960s. Thanks to Toyota’s expanding network of US dealerships, this version, known as the Series 40 Land Cruiser, became the best-selling Toyota model in the United States for five consecutive years. The round headlights and prominent “Toyota” lettering on the grille became hallmarks of this classic Land Cruiser model.

Throughout the world, Toyota Land Cruisers have gained immense popularity, especially in regions with poor road conditions and limited service centers. The simplicity and durability of the Land

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