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**Situation: Living Arrangements and Pet Policy**

I. Current Living Situation and Landlord Relationship

I currently reside in a shared 2 bedroom house with a close family member. Both of us contribute towards rent, and we both hold positions on the lease agreement. It is important to note that another family member, who also happens to be the landlord, purchased the house with the sole intent of renting it to us.

II. Pet Policy and Landlord Wishes

According to the written terms of our lease, we are only allowed to have one cat, which happens to be a family pet. The landlord explicitly stated that this provision should be upheld in order to meet their preferences. Consequently, our cat resides with us since we would prefer not to have her cohabitate with the landlord.

III. Girlfriend’s Cats and Landlord’s Reaction

Unfortunately, my girlfriend recently moved in with her cats. As a result, our landlord served her with a no trespassing order, solely due to the fact that she moved in with her cats. Additionally, the landlord has made it clear that if my girlfriend remains in the house, they will sell it, which is evident from actions such as having the property appraised. It is worth mentioning that my roommate, who is also a close family member, is allowed to have his girlfriend stay over whenever she wants and she is even planning to move in.

IV. Eviction Notice

Regrettably, my roommate/family member has informed me that I must vacate the premises by September 1st or face forced removal.

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Enhancing Accessibility and Efficiency

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AI Legalese Decoder is transforming the legal landscape by simplifying the understanding of complex legal language. This innovative tool leverages artificial intelligence to break down legalese and provide clear explanations, making legal documents more accessible to a broader audience. Whether empowering laypeople or aiding legal professionals, AI Legalese Decoder plays a crucial role in demystifying legal language and fostering a more transparent and inclusive legal system.

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  • Fool-me-thrice

    What is the relationship of the landlord to you and to your roommate? You say they are also family, but what are the **specific** blood relationships? In particular, is the owner a spouse, child or parent to either of you? This will determine whether or not the RTA applies, and whether what the landlord is doing is illegal or not.

  • masked_gargoyle

    Is your roommate the child of the landlord?

  • Zealousideal_Use4518

    No, not legal. They can sell the house sure but you can’t be evicted for the gf moving in or the cats. End of story. Tell them to kick rocks. Selling will mean you have to move in 6-8 months AFTER the sale of the house. DO NOT MOVE.

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