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Non-Standard Finance Reports Growth in Loan Books in 2016

LONDON (Alliance News) – Sub-prime lender Non-Standard Finance PLC announced on Tuesday that there was a positive growth in the loan books of its Everyday Loans and Loans at Home businesses in 2016.

Everyday Loans witnessed a substantial increase in its total loan book, reaching GBP122.4 million at the end of December, reflecting an 18% year-on-year growth. This growth can be attributed to the acquisition of Everyday Loans by Non-Standard Finance in April 2016, as well as the opening of five new branches. The company plans to continue expanding the business in the coming year.

Similarly, Loans at Home experienced growth, recording a loan book of GBP33.4 million at the end of December compared to GBP28.4 million the previous year. Non-Standard Finance intends to further expand the business in 2017, including the introduction of the new Loans at Home mobile app.

In the Trusttwo business, the loan book saw a boost in the final quarter, reaching GBP8.8 million by the end of December, a noteworthy increase of 19% year-on-year. Non-Standard Finance is set to launch an improved version of the Trusttwo website in the first quarter of 2017.

Non-Standard Finance is scheduled to publish its 2016 financial results on March 3, providing further insights into the company’s overall performance.

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By Sam Unsted; [email protected]; @SamUAtAlliance

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