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Matt Grata’s Lobsta Run: Combining Business and Pleasure

MINERAL POINT, Pa. – Matt Grata, a full-time chemistry teacher in the United School District, is not your typical entrepreneur. In addition to his teaching profession, Grata runs a unique and novel side business called The Lobsta Run.

As part of his business, Grata makes regular trips from his home in Vinco, Pennsylvania, to Maine’s ocean coast. These trips are a combination of business and pleasure, as he hauls back fresh, live lobsters in a refrigerated truck to fulfill pre-orders placed through his company. The Lobsta Run, a play on a New England accent, has gained popularity among lobster enthusiasts who appreciate the quality and freshness of Grata’s product.

Grata’s passion for teaching and his natural curiosity have contributed to the success of his side business. He enjoys answering customers’ questions and sharing his knowledge about lobsters. With his background in chemistry, he ensures that the lobsters’ quality remains top-notch by keeping them cold in his refrigerated truck.

Over the years, Grata’s Lobsta Run has grown in popularity, with more and more customers requesting his lobsters. To meet the demand, Grata now makes multiple trips to Maine each year, bringing back around 1,000 lobsters per run. Due to the highly perishable nature of lobsters, advance ordering is required, as Grata does not freeze or store them in a tank.

To celebrate the success of The Lobsta Run and show appreciation to his customers, Grata organizes an annual event called “Lobsterfest.” During this event, customers can pick up their pre-ordered lobsters and enjoy live music, free food and drinks. Grata even provides pots for boiling lobsters on-site. The event has become a gathering for lobster lovers and a way for Grata to connect with his customers.

With the growth of his business, Grata has also earned recognition in the community of York, Maine, where he sources his lobsters. The locals appreciate his dedication to providing fresh lobsters and have even thrown him a birthday party to show their support.

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Grata’s passion for teaching and his entrepreneurial spirit have allowed him to pursue his love for lobsters and provide a unique experience for his customers. His Lobsta Run not only satisfies lobster cravings for many but also serves as a testament to the power of dedication and determination in making dreams a reality.

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