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John Cannaday Announces Closure of 12 Points Book Company, Explains Reasons

John Cannaday, the owner of 12 Points Book Company, shared a heart-wrenching message on Facebook, informing his followers about the store’s imminent closure. The store’s last day of operation will be July 29. Cannaday cited two primary reasons for this decision – his new job as a flight nurse and his strong desire to spend more quality time with his family.

Despite the sadness surrounding the closure, Cannaday expressed satisfaction with his experience of running the bookstore, highlighting the joy he found in the process. However, the news deeply saddened customers like David Rose, a member of Central Christian Church’s book club, which focuses on books exploring social justice. Rose had visited the store to purchase a copy of “Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate” by Justin Lee. Upon hearing the news, Rose conveyed his sadness and apologized to Cannaday.

Expressing disappointment with the closure, Rose emphasized the importance of supporting local establishments like 12 Points Book Company. He expressed his hope that more people would have visited the store to show their support.

Cannaday’s bookstore wasn’t solely limited to books; it also offered beers from local breweries and wines from local vintners, creating a unique and welcoming environment. As a final hurrah, during the store’s last week, everything will be sold at a 50% off or even higher discount.

Interestingly, 12 Points Book Company isn’t the only business in the area facing closure. The nearby restaurant Great Giorno has also shut down. Despite these closures, Cannaday remains optimistic, pointing out that multiple businesses are scheduled to open in 12 Points in the near future. The Amosami Cheesecake Company, Terre Foods grocery store, and The Madam’s Curiosities, a market offering various oddities, are expected to add to the bustling business environment.

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