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DelGrosso Family Honored as Legacy Business by Small Business Administration

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Building a Legacy for 76 Years

For more than seven decades, the DelGrosso family has been leaving a lasting impact on central Pennsylvania through their various business ventures, starting with homemade pasta sauce and expanding to include an amusement park, water park, and fundraising endeavors.

The U.S. Small Business Administration recently recognized the DelGrosso Family of Companies as one of its 70th Anniversary Legacy businesses, honoring their continuous growth, success, and significant economic contributions.

Joe DelGrosso, CEO of DelGrosso Foods, expressed his emotional reaction upon receiving news of the award, reflecting on his parents’ role in the family’s journey. He acknowledged his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take calculated risks, emphasizing how these qualities have paved the way for their current success.

The Flourishing Business Sectors

According to the SBA, all sectors of the DelGrosso business empire are flourishing. Their signature sauces have reached grocery store shelves across the country, and their park attracts tens of thousands of visitors each summer. This national recognition showcases the SBA’s commitment to supporting and promoting small businesses to ensure their competitiveness.

The Prestigious Legacy Award

DelGrosso’s is the sole business in Western Pennsylvania chosen to join 68 other companies nationwide as legacy firms. Notable past recipients of this honor include Under Armour and Build-a-Bear.

Reflecting on a previous award bestowed upon the DelGrosso family in 1999, Joe DelGrosso reminisced about their visit to the White House to meet President Bill Clinton. Highlighting his mother’s amusing encounter at security, he shared a heartwarming anecdote that showcased her resourcefulness.

A Family Tradition and Commitment to the Community

Accepting the SBA Legacy Award, DelGrosso’s Park President Carl Crider expressed gratitude for being able to run a park that epitomizes fun. He fondly remembered how his grandfather, Ferdinand, would spend time at the park, sitting by the merry-go-round, handing out tickets.

Elected officials and representatives from both the county and state also congratulated the DelGrosso family for their remarkable achievements. U.S. Rep. John Joyce commended the family for their impact on hundreds of thousands of lives, emphasizing that their legacies will continue to shape future generations.

This sentiment was echoed by State Rep. Jim Gregory, who proudly promotes the company’s presence in his district during his travels.

Blair County Commissioner Bruce Erb acknowledged the company’s commitment to both the local economy and the community. During a business meeting, the commissioners issued a proclamation honoring the DelGrosso family and their companies for receiving the SBA Legacy Award.

A Well-Deserved Recognition

State Senator Judy Ward, although not present, sent her representative, Michele Ivory, to present the DelGrosso family with a certificate on behalf of the state Senate, acknowledging their accomplishment.

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Michael DelGrosso expressed his grandparents’ deep gratitude and pride in being recognized for their enduring legacy.

With their commitment to innovation, community engagement, and family values, the DelGrosso Family of Companies continues to exemplify the essence of a legacy business.

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