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## Kern County’s Business Community Celebrates at Annual Convention

Last week, Kern County’s business community came together to celebrate at the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce’s 44th Annual Statewide Convention. The convention, which took place from August 16th to August 18th in Orange County, honored outstanding businesses and individuals. Beautiful You Medical Aesthetics, a locally owned company led by Dr. Carlos A. Alvarez and Pam Alvarez R.N., received the Central Region Business of the Year Award. Additionally, Jay Tamsi, President and CEO of the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (KCHCC), was recognized with the Entrepreneurship and Community Excellence award.

## Recognition for Beautiful You Medical Aesthetics and Jay Tamsi

Beautiful You Medical Aesthetics has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its workforce from 4 employees to 15 over the past 12 years. Dr. Alvarez, with over 40 years of medical experience, and Pam Alvarez, with over 30 years of experience, provide exceptional expertise and quality care through their business and philanthropic efforts in the Central Valley. Julian Canete, President and CEO of CHCC, praised their contributions stating, “The expertise and quality care these two provide through their business and philanthropy in the Central Valley is exceptional.”

Jay Tamsi, who owns Tamsi Consulting, a local business, was recognized for his advocacy and support of entrepreneurs and small businesses. He has significantly increased KCHCC membership throughout Kern County’s rural areas by 300%, contributing to job growth and economic development. Olivia Garcia, KCHCC Board Chairwoman, commended his extensive impact and commitment to entrepreneurship and small businesses, highlighting that he was the founder of the first ever Kern County Small Business Academy, offering programs in both English and Spanish.

## Tamsi’s Journey to Success

Jay Tamsi attributes his success to his experiences at Dreyer’s Ice Cream prior to his role at KCHCC. During his 12-year tenure, he focused on research and development, which led to job creation for the brand companies. Tamsi firmly believes that the efforts made in Kern County and across the Central Valley have equipped and trained the community, making them strong entrepreneurs and small business owners. He emphasizes his belief in diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as his passion to serve as a quality servant to his members and all California residents.

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