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**Title: Fresh Rescue Bid Emerges for Wilko as Retail Chain Struggles**
*By Vivienne Nunis & Nick Edser, Business reporters, BBC News*
*27 August 2023, 10:38 BST*
*Updated 2 hours ago*

A private equity firm, M2 Capital, has recently made a £90m bid to rescue Wilko, a struggling retail chain that fell into administration earlier this month. With 12,500 jobs and 400 stores at risk, the bid comes as a ray of hope for the employees. The administrators, PricewaterhouseCoopers, are currently reviewing the offers received over the weekend.

**M2 Capital’s Rescue Bid**
M2 Capital’s managing director, Robert Mantse, has confirmed that if their rescue bid is accepted, the firm will guarantee all employees’ jobs for two years. This commitment has been welcomed by Andy Prendergast, the national secretary of the GMB union. However, the details regarding the number of stores and jobs that can be saved remain unclear.

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**Wilko’s Struggles and Competitive Challenges**
Wilko has faced sharp losses and a cash shortage, causing it to fall behind competitors such as B&M, Poundland, The Range, and Home Bargains. Rising living costs have driven shoppers to seek out bargains, further impacting Wilko’s performance. The retailer previously borrowed £40m, cut jobs, restructured its leadership team, and sold off a distribution center to mitigate the cash squeeze. Ongoing struggles with paying suppliers resulted in gaps on shelves and interrupted deliveries.

**Dividends and the Chairwoman’s Perspective**
Criticism has been directed towards Wilko for paying dividends in recent years. However, Lisa Wilkinson, the retailer’s former chairwoman, defended the decisions, stating that even if the dividends were not paid, the company would still have faced collapse. Addressing the concerns of the workers, she mentioned that the board took necessary steps to ensure the financial stability of the company before making dividend payments.

**GMB Union’s Response**
Andy Prendergast of the GMB union expressed disappointment with Ms. Wilkinson’s remarks, emphasizing that 12,500 workers are facing redundancy through no fault of their own. He criticized the lack of direct communication with employees and the poor timing of the comments given the uncertainties workers are experiencing.

**Historical Background and Rebranding**
Wilko was established in 1930 by JK Wilkinson and rapidly expanded across the Midlands, becoming one of Britain’s fastest-growing retailers. In 2012, the company began rebranding its stores as Wilko, a name associated with its own-brand products.

The emergence of a new rescue bid for Wilko raises hopes for the struggling retail chain, which is currently under administration. M2 Capital’s offer to retain all employees’ jobs for two years provides a glimmer of hope amidst the uncertainties. Moreover, the utilization of AI legalese decoder technology can greatly assist the administrators in evaluating the bids and making informed decisions in the best interest of the firm’s creditors.

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